Throwback Saturday Part IX

Photo courtesy of President Obama (pictured above) has proven that he really knows his hoops finishing in the 87.4 percentile of ESPN's Bracket Challenge last year.

By Josh Kramer

We have entered the third month of “Throwback Saturdays” For those of you who are unfamiliar with the routine.  This is a day where I look back at my posts on this date one year ago and two years ago.  Then we can decipher how spot on I was with my thoughts or how miserably wrong I was.  Typically, it is the latter scenario.  So what was happening on March 17, 2011?  How about March 17, 2010?  Let’s find out.

Nearly one year ago (March 18, 2011)..

Madness Highlights Thus Far

Here is a snippet..

No predictions today.  I will let my bracket play out a little.  But I wanted to check in and let you know my initial thoughts of this year’s edition of March Madness.

-Number one, I only went 11 of 16 in Round 2 (Round of 64).  That is not too good.  Shows how much I know.  President Obama went 14 of 16 and at the end of Thursday was in the 99.7th percentile in the ESPN Bracket Challenge (over 5.9 million participants).  Our President definitely knows his hoops.

-The Louisville game was by far the biggest shocker of the day.  I realize there were other upsets, but the Cardinals going down to an in-state Morehead State team?  I guess Louisville could technically be considered the 3rd best team in the state of Kentucky now?

-What a start to the first few games of the tournament. 4 of the first 5 contests came down to final second shots.  The tournament lived up to all of the hype and more in the first few hours of play.  And it is a good thing it did.  Because outside of the Michigan St./UCLA game, the nightcap was very weak, featuring multiple blowouts (To finish reading this post, click this link).

Present Thoughts:

I guess there is something about this time of year. March Madness last year was one of the wildest in recent memory.  Andy Roddick once famously said that “Sports would be like watching a DVD if they were predictable.”  Last year’s NCAA Tournament was anything but predictable.  Last night was quite possibly the greatest night in NCAA Tournament history from an upset standpoint.  Anyone who claims to have correctly guessed the Final Four correctly is full of it.  VCU and Butler?  Who really saw that coming?  Who even saw Kentucky coming?  Only 279,308 entrants correctly guessed the national champion out of over 5.9 million participants in the ESPN Bracket Challenge.  Since this post had no predictions, it is hard to say that I was wrong about anything directly.  I was incorrect in a way about none other than the Presidential bracket. After an amazing first round, in which President Obama was ranked in the 99.7 percentile out of over 5.9 million entrants,  I was singing the President’s praise.  Then things really fizzled out for our President.  This in large part was due to VCU’s shocking upset of number one seed Kansas (President’s Championship Pick) in the Elite 8.  President Obama still ended up in the 87.4 percentile on ESPN’s Bracket Challenge, which was extremely respectable.  It actually was a better finish than ESPN personalities Mike Golic, Colin Cowherd, Michael Wilbon, Mike Greenberg, Dick Vitale, Bill Simmons, Tony Kornheiser, and Michelle Beadle.  Who says politics and sports can’t be intermingled?

Two years ago..

March Madness Baby

Here is a snippet from the end..

First Round Upset Alerts:  UTEP over Butler and Murray State over Vanderbilt (people will be going wild in San Jose where both of these games are being played if this happens)  Sienna over a Robbie Hummel’less Purdue team.  Also do not be surprised to see one of these three teams sneak into the Sweet 16 and be this year’s Cinderella.

My Elite 8:  Kansas, Georgetown, Syracuse, Kansas State, Kentucky, West Virginia, Duke, Villanova

My Final Four Picks:  Kansas, Syracuse, Kentucky, and Villanova.

My National Champion: Kansas (best and most well-rounded TEAM in the tournament (To finish reading this post, click this link).

Present Thoughts:

Of course I had Butler losing in the first round.  I had them losing in the first round in 2011 as well.  Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.  I had no idea who Matt Stevens and Gordon Hayward were at the time.  After the first weekend, I was well-aware of Butler’s finest.  I was correct though in picking the Racers to handle business against Vanderbilt.  This may be the real year for the Racers though, led by stud center Isaiah Canaan.  Then my final upset pick was incorrect too.  A Hummel’less Purdue squad was still able to march their way to the Sweet 16.  So one for three on the upset picks.  Not too impressive.

50% accuracy in terms of the Elite 8 is not going to win you any office pools.  And for me, it didn’t.  Then in terms of the Final Four, I was way off.  I went the big 0 for 4.  Not too impressive from a guy that considers himself to be very well-versed in terms of collegiate basketball.  I guess you win some and you lose some.  Or you lose a lot like I did in 2010.  My National Championship pick went down in the Round of 32.  If your pick to win the title loses in the Round of 32, shred your bracket immediately.  Because it’s over baby.  I can thank Ali Farokhmanesh for that one I guess.  I can promise you that he has never had a better day than the one he had against Kansas on March 20th at Chesapeake Energy Arena.  It also was likely one of the worst days of Cole Aldrich and Sherron Collins life.  Aldrich and Collins are the ones laughing now though.  Both are playing in the NBA, while Farokhmanesh is playing Switzerland.

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportsKraze.


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