Food for Thought 2-21-2012

Photo courtesy of Iona point guard Scott Machado (pictured above) has been simply sensational all year long and will make some noise in March.

By Josh Kramer

Want to hear a cool name?  Try “Machado.”  Now many of you are probably confused as to why I would share a cool name with you.  Granted, the vast majority of you are already aware of plenty of cooler names.  For example, God’s Gift Achiuwa.  And though God’s Gift is having a stellar freshman campaign for a very young St. John’s team, a man by the name of “Machado” is absolutely stealing the show in the MAAC (Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference).  Currently, the Gaels sit atop the “Mighty MAAC (it is not really mighty but I like the sound of the expression)” and are a likely tournament team.

Now many of you are probably still scratching your heads as to where I am going with this.  Well a few weeks ago, I had the distinct pleasure of introducing you all to Creighton star, Doug McDermott.  A star that is making it rain from long-range in Omaha like Kyle Korver did back in 2002/2003. Well today, I am going to introduce you to another big-time player that could make some real noise at the “March Dance” and beyond.  Meet Scott Machado.

Currently, Iona sports the number one ranked offense in all of the land.  They lead the country in points per game (83.1) and in assists per game (19.4).  Want to know why?  I will give you a hint.  They happen to have a 6 foot 1 senior point guard out of Queens that may be the best PG in America.  Scott Machado currently is scoring a very solid, but not amazing, 13.3 points per game.  He also is reeling in a stout 5.2 rebounds per game (great for a point guard).  But the key statistic deals with his court vision.  Scott Machado has looked like Steve Nash of 2005/2006 since the Gaels tipped off their year against Purdue in Puerto Rico back in mid-November.

This kid can flat-out do it all.  He can score.  He can rebound, He can win.  And most of all, he can dish out dimes like Steve Nash of the mid-2000s (or John Stockton of the mid-90s).  Machado is an absolute treat to watch and very easily could become the Stephen Curry of this year’s March Madness.  Most experts say that the key to surviving at NCAA Tourney time is solid backcourt play.  Well nobody is better than Machado.  Remember the name Scott Machado when you are filling out your brackets in three weeks.

Quick Thoughts:

Look at me now

This year, the Michigan/Ohio State rivalry finally turned into a rivalry game again in football, with the Wolverines winning for the first time against their arch-enemy since 2003 (in large part due to Denard Robinson).  On Saturday night, the Wolverines finally turned the basketball matchup into a rivalry again winning against the Scarlet and Grey for their first time in seven tries.  Want to know why?  The outstanding play of “Super Frosh” Trey Burke.  Burke happens to be from Columbus and a former high school teammate of Buckeye’s star Jared Sullinger.  Thad Matta and Co. completely overlooked this rising star and somehow let him slip out from their backyard.  I have a feeling Trey Burke was saying to all of the Ohio State faithful, “Look at me now,” as he dropped 17 points and made arguably the best on-the-ball defender (Aaron Kraft) in the nation look like he was standing still down the stretch.

Aging gracefully

So much for the “great” Texas teams aging.  The Mavericks had won 6 in a row before their date with “Linsanity” on Sunday and appear to have regained at least a part of their “Championship Swagger.”  In addition, the “I thought they were too old” San Antonio Spurs have now won 11 in a row.

Dynamic Duo

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook combined for 91 points on Sunday night in leading the Oklahoma City Thunder to a huge overtime victory against the Denver Nuggets on Sunday night.  To put this amazing feat into perspective. That is more points than 8 of the 20 NBA teams in action scored on Sunday.  Please find me a more dynamic duo than Durant and Westbrook outside of Miami.  I promise you will be hard pressed.

Basketball Squad?

Well if the Reds don’t see success on the diamond this year, who is to say the team could not thrive on the hardwood? The Reds have 7 pitchers that are 6 foot 5 or taller that reported on Saturday (Brackman, Latos, Madson, Marshall, Ondrusek, Francis, Reineke).  Plus, everyone from Cincinnati is well-aware of Andrew Brackman’s prowess on the basketball court from his days as a star of the Moeller hoops team.

Just some “Food for Thought.”

Let me hear your thoughts though.  Please comment below with any questions or insights that you may have or shoot me an email at

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3 responses to “Food for Thought 2-21-2012

  1. Gooch from The Bronx

    Just an FYI about Iona. It is a small school in New Rochelle, NY, a suburb of NYC. They have put out some excellent players over the years including Richie Guerin and Jeff Ruland who both played in the NBA.

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