Throwback Saturday Part IV

Photo courtesy of A little over a year ago today, Jerry Sloan (pictured above) was forced into stepping down from his position as the Head Coach of the Utah Jazz.

By Josh Kramer

So when I originally constructed the idea of “Throwback Saturdays,” I figured I would do it for a month or so.  It would be a change of pace for you all and give you some time to reflect a bit. With that being said, I feel as if this idea has been a rousing success thus far, at least from the feedback you all have given me.  Please provide further feedback in the comments section.  I have a feeling next week you may be seeing “Throwback Saturday Part V.”

Unfortunately, I did not put up a post on February 11th in either 2010 or 2011.  So I apologize for letting you all down on those particular dates.  We will just have to settle for dates very close in proximity.

One year ago (February 10, 2011)..

Sayonora Sloan

Here is a snippet from the middle of the post..

Sloan is one of the greatest offensive masterminds of our generation.  The guy has won his entire career.  He handles his business the right way.  No ridiculous off court mishaps with this guy.  Yet ownership has chosen Deron Williams as the future?

Unless you live under a rock, you probably know who Deron Williams is.  He is a 5th year All Star point guard who played college ball at Illinois.  The guy is arguably the best point guard in the League (I would currently rank him behind Rose, Rondo, and Paul in all honesty though).  Any guy that puts up 20 points and 10 assists a night is doing something right.  But it has been well documented that Williams and legendary coach Sloan have had their fair share of tussles over the past year (To finish reading the post, click this link).

Present Thoughts:

Jerry Sloan will forever be remembered as one of the all-time great NBA coaches, despite his lack of a championship.  Any coach who wins over 1,000 games with one team and posts 15 consecutive winning seasons must be doing something right.  Last year, right around this time, the legendary Sloan “stepped down.”  Nobody was naïve enough to think that Sloan’s sudden departure did not have a direct correlation to his tussle with star point guard, Deron Williams.

I said that, “He (Deron Williams), along with his teammates, will see life in the post-Sloan era might not be as great as they all expected.”  Utah finished the 2010/2011 season with a losing record of 39 and 43, and failed to make the playoffs.  Prior to Sloan’s departure, Utah sported a record of 31 and 23.  Plus, they sported a winning record during 20 of the prior 21 seasons with Sloan on the sidelines.  In addition, their star, who ownership seemingly sided with, played the last 26 games of the regular season sporting a New Jersey Nets jersey.  Currently, Utah sits above 500.  But barely.

Two years ago (February 9, 2010)..

Final Four Contenders in Action

Here is a snippet from the very end of the post..

So at this time, the Final Four picks from Kraze are as follows: Kansas, Kentucky, Villanova, and Syracuse.  I do think that a team like West Virginia could easily streak its way in though and are a legitimate contender.  These picks are all subject to change.  I do know that it is definitely going to be a very exciting end to conference play and entertaining March Madness (To finish reading the post, click this link).

Present Thoughts:

As we are seeing right now, February is a great month for college basketball.  It really sets the stage for a good portion of the country’s favorite time of the year, March Madness.  Back in 2010, the Big East was the unquestioned King of college hoops.  They had a stranglehold on college basketball similar to the one the SEC currently has on college football.

We are going to remain under the assumption that the team I predicted would go to the Final Four were also the teams that I figured would end up with number one seeds.  In 2010, the actual number one seeds were as follows:  Kentucky, Syracuse, Kansas, and Duke.  So I went three for four.  I would consider that pretty good.  Also, Villanova, my lone incorrect projection, ended up as a number two seed in the South Region.  But as you are all aware, the actual participants in the Final Four that year, which was held in a place that is very fresh in all of your minds right now (Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis), were Michigan State, Butler, West Virginia, and Duke.  So I went a big 0 for 4.  So much for looking at my projections in February.  I would highly dissuade you from taking my predictions too seriously at this time.

So maybe there is actual hope for the Kentucky-haters out there that the “Big Blue” could go down?  Lastly though, I did say that West Virginia could easily streak their way into the Final Four.  Well, as you all know, they did, following a shocking upset of John Wall, Demarcus Cousins, and Calipari’s first edition of the “Kentucky Traveling All-Stars.” I am excused for not guessing the runs of Butler and Michigan State at that time, because nobody in America saw that coming in February.  And if they claim to have, they are lying to you.  But I royally screwed up for a couple of other reasons.  Villanova and Kansas both exited in the Round of 32.  Syracuse did not fare much better, taking one on the head from Butler in the Sweet 16.  And of course Duke ended up cutting down the nets.  It still boggles my mind to this day that I could I overlook Duke, a team that plays on national television multiple times a week.

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportsKraze.

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