Can we stick to football please?

Photo courtesy of New England Patriots football has always been about what happens on the field. Lately though, off-the-field incidents have taken center stage.

By Josh Kramer

Super Bowl XLVI was a game for the ages.  It was a dream matchup that did not disappoint on the field by any means.  Over the past five days, since Eli and the Giants captured their 2nd Super Bowl title in four years, an awful lot of “Gossip Girl” action has been going on.  And I for one am sick of hearing about this nonsense.

Here is a quick rundown of the incidents:

Incident 1:  A good portion of the media pointed the finger at Wes Welker for his “drop” in the 4th quarter this past Sunday.  Many felt as if Welker’s drop was the main reason why New England lost the big game.  In the aftermath, Pawngo, an online pawn shop, delivered a large helping worth of Butterfingers to Boston’s Copley Square.  900 pounds worth to be exact.  That is a lot of candy. The frustrations towards the best slot-receiver in football have cooled a little, with many realizing upon further review that the “Golden Boy” did not make a very good throw.

Incident 2:  Then there was the Mrs. Brady incident.  Tom Brady’s wife was quoted in the aftermath of the loss saying, “You [need] to catch the ball when you’re supposed to catch the ball. My husband cannot [expletive] throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time.” Some of the players spoke out in regards to Gisele’s postgame remarks, namely Brandon Jacobs.  And as you are all aware, Brandon Jacobs has never been at a loss for words.  Yesterday, Jacobs backed off his prior remarks in regards to Gisele and apologized.  He did however stand by his prior comment of saying that Gisele was cute though.  I can’t say I disagree.

Incident 3:  At the “After-Party,” which still doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me considering New England lost, Rob Gronkowski “Shook it for daddy.”  I guess alcohol can mend any injury.  Gronkowski’s footwork appeared to be light years better than it was on the field earlier in the evening. Not sure how this happened.  But the most stupefying part of all was that seasoned veteran Matt Light was also dancing on stage with his shirt off.  Gronkowski has the excuse of being a second year player.  A guy who has never been to the Super Bowl.  Not to mention he is in fairly decent physical shape.  Light is an 11-year veteran who has no business ever taking his shirt off.  Rodney Harrison made sure his feelings regarding Gronkowski and Light’s celebration were known to the public.  Plus, Jalen Rose stirred the pot as usual.

The old saying is three strikes and your out.  All three of these ridiculous incidents have one thing in common.  None of them really have anything to do with football.  I want New England to go back to being the Patriots the entire country either loves or hates.  A team that wins, but stays out of the papers for off-the-field shenanigans by its players and entourage (Spygate involved the coaches).

Hopefully, the normally straight-edge New England Patriots can stay out of the tabloids for a little while.  Many of the fans are calling for Belichick, Brady, and Welker’s job.  Though this is obviously a major overreaction and should not occur, a point has been made.  This franchise, which not so long ago captured three Super Bowls in four years, has a group of players that are not getting any younger.  2004 seems so long ago.  Can we just stick to football please?

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportsKraze.

3 responses to “Can we stick to football please?

  1. I expect this will just fire-up New England up for next season. And I’d take Welker on my fantasy team any day – I’m excited to see him in September!

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