The Silence is broken

Photo courtesy of Michael Pineda (pictured above) has gone from worst to first. Can he help lead the Yankees to a World Series in 2012?

By Josh Kramer

We all knew it was just a matter of time.  An inevitable occurrence.  There are not too many certainties in the MLB these days.  I mean who saw the Cardinals winning the World Series, much less making the playoffs last year?  It is a game of unpredictability.  And that is why we love it.

If there is one certainty though.  It is that the Yankees will make moves. The Bronx Bombers never rest on their laurels.  Whether they win a World Series or not in the year prior, you better believe that the GM (Cashman these days) is going to do all in his power to make sure they repeat.  After a very uncharacteristic silent trade deadline this past July, the Yankees hit the jackpot earlier this evening picking up stud youngster Michael Pineda and solid veteran Hiroki Kuroda (plus Jose Campos).  And to think, this off-season had been dominated by the Marlins, Angels, and Reds.  So much for those days.

Last year was the second straight “Year of the Pitcher.”  Any baseball historian will tell you the same thing.  Pitching wins championships.  Last season, the Yankees did not have enough of it, and they didn’t bring home the title.  Brian Cashman and Yankee management seemed to have sured up the situation this off-season due to some major moves this evening.

It had been an off-season of solitude in the Bronx.  A re-signing here and there, but that was it.  Now they have an overloaded starting rotation, featuring the likes of Sabathia, Pineda, Nova, Kuroda, Hughes, Burnett, and Garcia.  Two of these guys are likely getting the axe, or at least being relegated to bullpen duties.  Dare I say they could become possibly trade bait as well?  I have a major hunch that the highly disappointing AJ Burnett will be one of the guys on the unfortunate end of the stick (though he still rakes in the big bucks).  Plus we all know how electric the bullpen is featuring Soriano, Robertson, and Rivera.

Perhaps Derek Jeter will be adding to his ring collection next October?  And you know I am not talking about a wedding ring.  It could spell a John Elway like retirement for one of the Yankee all-time greats (yes I said it).  Either way, the silence has been broken in the Bronx.

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6 responses to “The Silence is broken

  1. Hey Josh the Yankees never sleep.
    It’s just a matter of time. Saw Pineda pitch
    Many times last year in Seattle He can throw 97
    Mph in the 7th inning with a devastating
    Curve. Good trade for M’s also. Montero will be
    Phenomenal for Mariners. And Noesi can pitch.
    Baseball just is more interesting when the Yankees make moves.

    • Steve,
      I agree with that. Many people can’t stand the Yankees. But they love to hate them. Everyone has an opinion on the most storied franchise in baseball history.

      It is just part of the game.


  2. Jeter’s got 3 more years, if you include his option. He’s not walking away before that.

    • Jason,
      I am well aware of his current contract. But if he does not have a very good year, and the team brings home the title, you don’t think he would want to end up on top? I mean he is 37 years old. Plus, Derek is the ultimate winner of our generation. By no means is it “All about the Money” for him.


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