Food for Thought 12-27-2011

Photo courtesy of Kyle Orton (pictured above) has a chance at redemption on Sunday in Denver. Can he spoil the Broncos playoff chances?

By Josh Kramer

The NBA is back.  We are entering the final week of the NFL regular season.  And we are on the verge of some BCS football.  It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.  Here are the items that have caught my attention.

Orton’s day in the sun?

-How many of you have ever been fired from a job?  I am assuming the vast majority of you have.  And for those of you who have been let go from your job, how many of you have wanted the opportunity to extract some revenge?  The chance to outdo your former company on a sale.  Or something to that degree?  Well for Kyle Orton, he will get just that chance come next Sunday.  Orton will have the chance to hit his former employer (the Denver Broncos) where it hurts.

-As we head into Week 17, it appears the clock has finally struck midnight on “Tebow Time.”  The Denver Broncos have now lost two consecutive games, and find themselves in must-win territory in order to extend their season.  Denver’s season has been an absolute enigma from Day 1.  Nobody can truly explain how Tim Tebow got this once prominent franchise back on the winning track.  And though they currently reside atop the AFC West, they have a -77 point differential.  Every other team in the AFC that is currently in first place of their respective division has a +104 point differential or better.

-This story is eerily similar to the one that transpired a few years back with the New York Jets.  The Jets ridded themselves of Chad Pennington  and replaced him with the infamous #4.  Favre and the Jets appeared on their way to the playoffs until they lost four of their final five games, including the finale to guess who, Chad Pennington and the Miami Dolphins.

-Kyle Orton has now been the starter for Kansas City the past two weeks.        During this period, the Chiefs have gone one and one, but they did knock off the previously undefeated and seemingly unbeatable Green Bay Packers.  Denver on the other hand, has gotten blown out the past two weeks, and many are questioning the “Tebow Magic” again.  Let’s take a look at the tale of the tape over the past two weeks.

Orton:  44 of 67 (65.7%), 299.5 yards (average), 87.8 passer rating (average)

Tebow:  24 of 52 (46.2%) 189.5 yards (average), 57.9 passer rating (average)

You do the math.  Who would you want at the helm on Sunday in Denver?

Should the rest of the NBA beware?

-I for one was super excited to have the NBA back on Sunday.  It really was a treat to have the ability to tune in to five games after not being able to watch NBA basketball since June 12th.  That is a long period without professional basketball.  And sure there were many storylines yesterday, but I think it was the blowouts that made the most noise.

-Sure the Clippers looked to be the real deal as they began the “Chris Paul Experiment.”  But the debut was made against a very lackluster Warriors team.  “Lob City” will be fun to watch all season, but it was not the main headline on Sunday.  The real story of the day was the massacre that occurred in Dallas.  Miami came into Mark Cuban’s city and turned the American Airlines Center into their own private playground.  Watching this game made me wonder how on earth Dallas could have defeated the Miami Heat in a seven game series.

-Now I realize that the Mavericks are a different team from the one that took home the title in June.  They no longer have key components such as J.J. Barea and Tyson Chandler, but this game was flat-out ugly from the tip.  Also realize the Heat missed 11 free throws and turned the ball over 22 times in this one.  Therefore, the beating could have been even worse.  The key statistic though was the rebounding differential.  Miami outrebounded the Mavericks, a team who “out-toughed” them back in June by 20.

-Now I am well-aware that this was just opening night.  And there is plenty of basketball to be played.  Many are wondering if the Heat are just that good or the Mavericks are just that bad.  Well let me answer that question for you.  The Mavericks are still one of the top teams in the West, and elite teams in the NBA.  They will be a top five team in the Western Conferencee.  If that joke of a game was any indication though, LeBron and the “MonStars” will cruise to the championship.

Quick Thoughts:

Never run your mouth before a big game

-Everyone in America knows that Rex Ryan loves to speak his mind seven days a week, and 365 days a year.  And in typical Ryan fashion, he chirped away leading up to the showdown with the city rival Giants.  Never run your mouth.  It makes a loss all the more worse.  How do you think Ryan feels after getting blasted by the Giants and likely missing out on the playoffs?

Was it really that great?

-I will admit that I am a die-hard Bengals fan.  This season has been extremely special for the team out of Cincinnati in that nobody expected them to be in the position that they currently find themselves in.  With a win on Sunday, they will be in the playoffs for the third time since 2005.  But there is one thing that everyone is talking about in Cincinnati other than the massive effort to sell out Paul Brown Stadium.  And that would be the recent number one play on SportsCenter’s Top Ten.  I am sure you are well aware of the “Simpson Flip” that everyone is still talking about. I at first was astonished by it too.  Then I watched it again, again, and again.  It was one of the most unnecessary and risky plays I have ever witnessed.  Sure it put us up 17 to 0 (and we needed all of those points), but the guy could have crawled into the end zone, or at least easily trotted.  Instead, he showed up Daryl Washington (Arizona Cardinals LB), and easily could have hurt himself, or fumbled the ball in the process.  I will take the score.  But let’s not make this play bigger than it actually was.

Just some “Food for Thought.”

Let me hear your thoughts though.  Please comment below with any questions or insights that you may have or shoot me an email at

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportsKraze.

6 responses to “Food for Thought 12-27-2011

  1. Keyshawn Johnson

    How can you not love the flip by Simpson? I would’ve been proud to do the same for my team in my day while putting my body on the line for a playoff spot.

    Perfectly executed landing on both feet while avoiding the tackle while ensuring he did not miss the chance to get in the end zone. If you are so worried about avoiding the risk to injury, pick up some golf clubs.

    TSK, cmon man!

    • Keyshawn,
      The flip by Simpson was entertaining. He was not putting his body on the line though. If anything, he was showboating. The man could have easily trotted into the endzone without the antics. Sure it was neat, but I wouldn’t have minded seeing him score the traditional way, rather than risking fumbling or injury.

      Golfers suffer injuries as well.


  2. Gooch from The Bronx

    You are absolutely right about the Jerome Simpson acrobatic touchdown. Remember, today it is more about getting on Sports Center, and publicizing yourself, than any other component of a game.

    • Gooch,
      I must say I agree Gooch. Woulnd’t have minded watching him score the traditional way. I am not big on “style” points if you get the job done.


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