Week 16 NFL Power Rankings: Chiefs End Packers Run of Perfection

Photo courtesy of zimbio.com. In his debut as Head Coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, Romeo Crennel (pictured above) shocked the world and took down the formerly undefeated Green Bay Packers.

By Wesley Kaminsky

Just when you thought you had everything figured out, right? In Week 15, the games were highlighted by streaks being broken. The Texans saw a seven game losing streak come to an end, while the Packers run of perfection got halted by the Chiefs in Arrowhead. Meanwhile, in Indianapolis, the Colts finally won a game without Peyton Manning, as they took down the Titans 27-13. That’s a relief.

Also, the Broncos six game winning streak was spoiled by the Patriots, as Tim Tebow couldn’t quite keep up with Tom Brady in a 41-23 loss. There was no “Tebow Time” on Sunday for the first time in quite a while.

Even though the Packers lost, they retain the top spot with the Saints holding on to the number two spot right behind them. Beyond those two teams, a plethora of changes took place in this weeks power rankings.

1. Green Bay Packers (1, lost 19-14): 13-1. The Packers got the monkey of their back by losing their first game of the season in Kansas City. Something tells me they’d prefer another Super Bowl over the pressure of a perfect season. (Next game: vs. Chicago)

2. New Orleans Saints (2, won 42-20): 11-3. Drew Brees’ MVP type season continued on Sunday with a 412 yard, 5 touchdown performance. They can clinch the division with a win over the Falcons. (Next game: vs. Atlanta on MNF)

3. New England Patriots (5, won 41-23): 11-3. With their win in Denver, the Patriots clinched the AFC East division and now turn their attention to getting home field advantage throughout the playoffs. (Next game: vs. Miami)

4. San Francisco 49ers (7, won 20-3): 11-3. Monday Night’s dominating win over Pittsburgh was just more proof that Jim Harbaugh is the coach of the year. (Next game: at Seattle)

5. Baltimore Ravens (3, lost 34-14): 10-4. Losses like that are exactly why it’s so hard to trust this Ravens team, and why they ultimately will not make the Super Bowl. (Next game: vs. Cleveland)

6. Pittsburgh Steelers (4, lost 20-3): 10-4. Ben Roethlisberger was clearly banged up and it showed in San Francisco. As long as he’s healthy heading into the playoffs, the Steelers shouldn’t hit the panic button. (Next game: vs. St. Louis)

7. Houston Texans (6, lost 28-13): 10-4. T.J. Yates looked like a rookie on Sunday against the Panthers as the Texans lost their grip on a first round bye. (Next game: at Indianapolis on TNF)

8. Atlanta Falcons (9, won 41-14): 9-5. With the emergence of Julio Jones, the Falcons look like a dangerous playoff team. (Next game: at New Orleans on MNF)

9. Detroit Lions (12, won 28-27): 9-5. That win in Oakland might just define their season and get them back to the playoffs for the first time since 1999. (Next game: vs. San Diego)

10. Dallas Cowboys (13, won 31-15): 8-6. With a win over the Eagles and a Giants loss to the Jets this weekend, the Cowboys can clinch the NFC East. The division is theirs to lose. (Next game: vs. Philadelphia)

11. Denver Broncos (8, lost 41-25): 8-6. The Broncos got off to a hot start, but the defense couldn’t keep Tom Brady off the field. Now their attention turns to the sliding Bills. (Next game: at Buffalo)

12. Cincinnati Bengals (15, won 20-13): 8-6. Thanks to the Jets loss, the Bengals playoff hopes are now back alive. They will be rooting hard for the Giants this weekend. (Next game: vs. Arizona)

13. New York Giants (11, lost 23-10): 7-7. The Giants season is on the line this Sunday against the Jets. (Next game: at NYJ)

14. New York Jets (10, lost 45-19): 8-6. The Jets got embarrassed in Philadelphia to the tune of 45-19. Can they hold on to the final playoff spot in the AFC? (Next game: vs. NYG)

15. San Diego Chargers (18, won 34-14): 7-7. Once again, the Chargers are creeping back into the playoff picture at the end of the season. They are still alive, but need help. (Next game: at Detroit)

16. Seattle Seahawks (20, won 38-14): 7-7. The Seahawks and the Cardinals are showing that the NFC West isn’t so bad after all. (Next game: vs. San Francisco)

17. Arizona Cardinals (17, won 20-17): 7-7. For what it’s worth, John Skelton is 5-1 as a starter this season for the Cardinals. Tim Tebow, who? (Next game: at Cincinnati)

18. Philadelphia Eagles (21, won 45-19): 6-8. That was the Eagles team we all expected to see this season. Their playoff hopes are still alive–but barely. (Next game: at Dallas)

19. Oakland Raiders (19, lost 28-27): 7-7. The Raiders collapse against the Lions didn’t help their playoff chances in any way. (Next game: at Kansas City)

20. Tennessee Titans (16, lost 27-13): 7-7. With their season likely over, it’s time to let the Jake Locker era begin. (Next game: vs. Jacksonville)

21. Chicago Bears (14, lost 38-14): 7-7. Caleb Hanie truly is as bad as advertised. Injuries killed the Bears this season. (Next game: at Green Bay)

22. Carolina Panthers (23, won 28-13): 5-9. The Panthers picked up their most impressive win of the season on Sunday, shutting down a red-hot Texans team. (Next game: vs. Tampa Bay)

23. Miami Dolphins (22, won 30-23): 5-9. If anything, Matt Moore may have won himself the starting job for next season. We all remember what happened when he won the job in Carolina. (Next game: at New England)

24. Kansas City Chiefs (25, won 19-14): 6-8. It’s not likely, but there’s a chance that Kyle Orton heads to Denver with a chance to win the division in Week 17. (Next game: vs. Oakland)

25. Washington Redskins (26, won 23-10): 5-9. You can bet Mike Shanahan has his sights set on a quarterback in the first round. They aren’t too far off from contention. (Next game: vs. Minnesota)

26. Buffalo Bills (24, lost 30-23): 5-9. The Bills have lost seven straight games since being 5-2, and Ryan Fitzpatrick doesn’t look like a starting quarterback. (Next game: vs. Buffalo)

27. Cleveland Browns (28, lost 20-17): 4-10. The Browns have some work to do in this years draft. They need a lot. (Next game: at Baltimore)

28. Jacksonville Jaguars (27, lost 41-14): 4-10. After winning 41-14 against the Buccaneers, the Jaguars followed that up losing 41-14 in Atlanta. What does Blaine Gabbert bring to the table? (Next game: at Tennessee)

29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (29, lost 31-15): 4-10. The Buccaneers have lost eight straight games and look like a team who has given up. (Next game: at Carolina)

30. Minnesota Vikings (30, lost 42-20): 2-12. The Vikings can’t stop anybody on defense and the offense isn’t good enough to keep up. This team needs help. (Next game: at Washington)

31. St. Louis Rams (31, lost 20-13): 2-12. Injuries have plagued this team all year long, but that doesn’t get rid of the fact that major changes need to be made. (Next game: at Pittsburgh)

32. Indianapolis Colts (32, won 27-13): 1-13. It took 13 games without Peyton Manning, but the Colts will not go winless this season. Next is the debate of Andrew Luck vs. Peyton Manning. (Next game: vs. Houston on TNF)

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