From the Midwest to the West Coast

Photo courtesy of unsinsports.blogspot. Albert Pujols (pictured above) in shocking fashion, has taken his talents from the Midwest to the West coast.

By Josh Kramer

Information in sports these days are at a premium.  Between ESPN, Twitter, the thousands of blogs, and more, typically fans are more well-informed than they have ever been. There are not too many situations where the media is entirely off.  Where something comes entirely out of left field (literally).  It was St. Louis.  Then it was Miami.  Then it was St. Louis.  Now it is Los Angeles (Anaheim)?

Albert Pujols, the best player in baseball, is taking his talents to Anaheim.  And I for one am utterly shocked.  I know many people are acting as if this is no major surprise.   The Angels were in the hunt previously to obtain the “Machine.”  This is no major shocker.  And sure that is true, but who was “really” talking about the Angels reeling in the best player in the world?

Pujols has had an amazing career to this point.  Possibly the greatest 11 seasons ever to begin an MLB career.  This is a great move for the Angels, a team that was not that far out of the playoff hunt this past season (5 games out of the Wild Card).  But 10 years, is quite the long-term deal for a player that is already 31-years-old.  I guess the Angels already realize that this guy may need to become a DH in his late 30s.  That is the beauty of the American League.  Not to mention it sounds like CJ Wilson is jumping ship from Texas to the Angels.  Talk about one of the greatest days in MLB history for one franchise.

Texas may have won the past two AL Pennants, but you better believe the Angels will be a major contender in 2012.

Albert Pujols has taken his amazing talents from the Midwest to the West coast.

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5 responses to “From the Midwest to the West Coast

  1. They’ll be a major contender in the next couple of years but if they don’t win a World Series they could be hamstrung for many, many years to come considering Pujols might be on the decline with his age in question. Add that to CJ Wilson on the wrong side of 30 and you could have yourself a pretty little mess in a 2 or 3 years time (or even next year?).

    • Chris,
      I agree with you on the deal for the “Machine” being far too long. But Albert wanted a 10 year deal. So there was no way to acquire him without making that long-term of a deal. They will not be a mess next year by any means. Or even the year after. But a few years down the road, this huge investment may hurt.

      If they get a World Series or two before that happens, it will have been well worth it.


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