Week 13 NFL Power Rankings: Packers Remain Perfect

Photo courtesy of zimbio.com. James Jones (pictured above) had a huge game in Detroit on Thanksgiviing. Can the defending champs do the unthinkable and complete a perfect season?

By Wesley Kaminsky

With five games to go in the 2011 NFL season, the Green Bay Packers have remained undefeated and got past their biggest test on Thanksgiving with ease. That defense, which was supposed to get lit up against a high-powered Lions offense didn’t by any means, as they picked off Matthew Stafford three times.

And that Aaron Rodgers guy? He continued to play at an MVP level as he threw for 307 yards, and two touchdowns. Can any team in the NFC stop the Packers from returning to the Super Bowl? It’s going to be pretty difficult to try to do that at Lambeau Field during the playoffs. Aside from the Saints, I can’t see any team winning there.

The Packers have had the top spot of these power rankings since Week 1, and they don’t look like they are going to give it up anytime soon.

1. Green Bay Packers (1, won 27-15): 11-0. If the Packers can beat the Giants this week in New York, an undefeated season is a real possibility. They don’t look like they can be beat right now. (Next game: at NYG)

2. New England Patriots (3, won 38-20): 8-3. Tom Brady continues to prove why he is still right up there as the leagues best quarterback with Aaron Rodgers. He put on a clinic in Philly. (Next game: vs. Indianapolis)

3. New Orleans Saints (4, won 49-24): 8-3. The Saints may have something to say about the Packers returning to the Super Bowl in 2011. (Next game: vs. Detroit on SNF)

4. Baltimore Ravens (5, won 16-6): 8-3. The Ravens won the “Harbowl” and their attention now turns to securing the AFC North title. The Steelers are right there. (Next game: at Cleveland)

5. San Francisco 49ers (2, lost 16-6): 9-2. Alex Smith had a rough game in Baltimore, and the 49ers saw their eight game win streak come to an end. They’ll rebound this week against the Rams. (Next game: vs. St. Louis)

6. Pittsburgh Steelers (6, won 13-9): 8-3. Last game was much closer than the Steelers would have liked it to be, but Arrowhead is never an easy place to play. They need to continue winning to keep pace with the Ravens. (Next game: vs. Cincinnati)

7. Houston Texans (8, won 20-13): 8-3. The injuries just keep piling up for the Texans, who lost Matt Leinart for the season with a broken collarbone. Your turn, T.J. Yates. (Next game: vs. Atlanta)

8. Dallas Cowboys (11, won 20-19): 7-4. The Cowboys avoided a near disaster on Thanksgiving, but came away with their fourth straight victory. Tony Romo regrouped after a rough start to the game. (Next game: at Arizona)

9. Oakland Raiders (14, won 25-19): 7-4. The Raiders won last game thanks to the foot of Sebastian Janikowski, who drilled six field goals against the Bears. Next up, they get a gritty Dolphins team in Miami. That won’t be easy. (Next game: at Miami)

10. Atlanta Falcons (12, won 24-14): 7-4. Something tells me that at the end of the season, that overtime loss to the Saints is going to come back and sting–big time. But for now, they’re sitting with the final wild card spot in the NFC. (Next game: at Houston)

11. Chicago Bears (7, lost 25-19): 7-4. Caleb Hanie struggled in his first start as expected, but with a soft schedule the rest of the way, the Bears are still in position to get a wild card spot. (Next game: vs. Kansas City)

12. Detroit Lions (9, lost 27-15): 7-4. A loss like that stings, and it’ll be interesting to see how the Lions regroup from it. It doesn’t get any easier on the road in New Orleans. (Next game: at New Orleans on SNF)

13. Cincinnati Bengals (13, won 23-20): 7-4. They may have saved their season with a come from behind victory over the Browns. Next up, they try to get revenge as they travel to Heinz Field to play the Steelers. (Next game: at Pittsburgh)

14. New York Giants (10, lost 49-24): 6-5. That’s three straight losses for the Giants, and you can’t help but think they are headed towards another collapse. Uh oh. (Next game: vs. Green Bay)

15. Denver Broncos (15, won 16-13): 6-5. That win makes the Broncos 5-1 since Tim Tebow took over as quarterback. He has inspired the entire team. (Next game: at Minnesota)

16. New York Jets (16, won 28-24): 6-5. The Jets had no business winning that game against the Bills, but those are the games they tend to win. Still, Jets fans can’t be too optimistic for the rest of the season. (Next game: at Washington)

17. Tennessee Titans (18, won 23-17): 6-5. The Titans are just two games back from the Texans in the AFC South race, but does anybody actually believe in them? I know I don’t. (Next game: at Buffalo)

18. Buffalo Bills (22, lost 28-24): 5-6. Stevie Johnson’s drop cost the Bills the game in New York, as well as their season. What a disappointment the Bills have been after such a bright start. (Next game: vs. Tennessee)

19. Philadelphia Eagles (17, lost 38-20): 4-7. That loss is the knock out punch for the Eagles, and probably for Juan Castillo as well. They got lit up by Tom Brady. (Next game: at Seattle on TNF)

20. Miami Dolphins (23, lost 20-19): 3-8. The Dolphins are not going to be an easy out for any team the rest of the season. Matt Moore can play. (Next game: vs. Oakland)

21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (20, lost 23-17): 4-7. Josh Freeman has regressed this season in a big way. I’m not sure Raheem Morris survives this disappointing season. (Next game: vs. Carolina)

22. San Diego Chargers (19, lost 16-13): 4-7. The Chargers are officially in a free fall, as they now have lost six straight games. Norv Turner has got to go. (Next game: at Jacksonville on MNF)

23. Washington Redskins (24, won 23-17): 4-7. The Redskins snapped a six game losing skid and may have found a running back in Roy Helu. (Next game: vs. NYJ)

24. Seattle Seahawks (21, lost 23-17): 4-7. The Seahawks beat the Ravens at home, but lost to the Redskins at home. They just aren’t very good. (Next game: vs. Philadelphia on TNF)

25. Arizona Cardinals (25, won 23-20): 4-7. Beanie Wells broke out of his slump in a big way on Sunday, torching the Rams for a franchise record 228 yards. What knee injury? (Next game: vs. Dallas)

26. Cleveland Browns (27, lost 23-20): 4-7. The Browns let one slip away in Cincinnati as the struggles in Cleveland continue. (Next game: vs. Baltimore)

27. Kansas City Chiefs (26, lost 13-9): 4-7. Tyler Palko’s first two starts of his NFL career have been rough: The Patriots, followed by the Steelers. You have to think that the Kyle Orton era will begin next week in Chicago. (Next game: at Chicago)

28. Carolina Panthers (30, won 27-19): 3-8. It’s amazing that the Panthers only have three wins this season.  This year hasn’t been a failure by any means though. Cam Newton is a star. (Next game: at Tampa Bay)

29. Minnesota Vikings (28, lost 24-14): 2-9. Leslie Frazier’s decision to go for it on fourth and goal with the Vikings still very much in the game was a “Pondering” one. (Next game: vs. Denver)

30. Jacksonville Jaguars (29, lost 20-13): 3-8. Jack Del Rio is out.  Does this team really have anything to play for? (Next game: vs. San Diego on MNF)

31. St. Louis Rams (31, lost 23-20): 2-9. That’s now back to back home losses to the Seahawks and Cardinals. This team has taken a giant step back in 2011. (Next game: at San Francisco)

32. Indianapolis Colts (32, lost 27-19): 0-11. The Colts nightmare of a defeated season might just be coming true. The clock is ticking. (Next game: at New England)

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