Food for Thought 11-22-2011

Photo courtesy of Vince Young (pictured above) did his best Tim Tebow impression on Sunday night, leading the Eagles to a huge victory over the rival New York Giants.

By Josh Kramer

We are nearing turkey day which can only mean one thing.  Football is out in full force.  The games on Thanksgiving Day are sure to impress, with a family reunion set to take place in Baltimore and a goliath showdown between two of the NFC’s elite in the Motor City.  And let’s not forget about the wild weekend that turned the BCS upside down in terms of College Football.  There is so much to talk about and so much going on.  Here is what has my attention.

Vince Tebow?

-I am still astonished by what Tim Tebow has been able to accomplish.  But on Sunday night, I had the chance to watch another once very highly touted quarterback do his best Tebow impression at MetLife Stadium.  Vince Young, the man who coined the infamous “Dream Team,” backed up the talk with a big time victory against the division leading Giants.

But the real question is, how did he do it?

-Young threw three interceptions on the road against the team that currently leads the NFC East.  And he won?  Go figure.  You can call it luck, or you can call it skill.  Either way, Vince Young seems to have the same mentality of Tim Tebow. “Just win baby, win.”  It was not pretty by any means.  But Philadelphia escaped with a huge victory that still keeps them mathematically alive to make a run at the postseason.

-Philadelphia had 13 possessions last evening.  Six of them resulted in painfully ugly three and outs. On the most important series of the game, Vince Young orchestrated an amazing 18 play drive that spanned nearly nine minutes.  He finished off this breathtaking masterpiece with a touchdown pass to Tim Tebow’s former roommate (at Florida), little used Riley Cooper.  Cooper had 0 catches on the year coming into last night and has just 12 total in his career.  Last night, he had by far the most meaningful grab of his career.  It isn’t pretty.  But Vince Young took a note out of Tim Tebow’s book last night and decided to show up for the end of the fourth quarter.

The first “Cut” is the deepest

-Outside of the Packers and the 49ers, the hottest team in the NFL hails from the windy city.  Over the past six weeks (five games), Chicago has really turned the corner and become a big time player in the NFC.  The Bears have not only won five straight games, but they have obliterated the competition.  Chicago has an average winning margin of over 15.2 points during that span.  In addition, their offense, once thought of as a weakness, has averaged 32.2 points per game during the five game stretch.  Cutler was finally starting to live up to the hype.  Then during the 4th quarter, Jay Cutler was “cut.”

-Trying to make a tackle following an interception, the red-hot Jay Cutler injured his thumb and will need surgery.  Chicago is playing great, but they also are playing in the extremely tough NFC North.  The way that Cutler’s year ended against the Packers last year was not ideal by any means.  But this year, it appeared he had turned the corner and won the affection of the tough Chicago fans.  Now the hopes of the Bears turns to the very inexperienced Caleb Haney.  Can Haney, a guy who has attempted just 34 passes during the course of his career (regular season and playoffs combined) continue Chicago’s winning ways until Cutler returns?  Sadly, it is very unlikely.

Just like riding a bike

-Do any of you remember what happened on January 5th of this year?  I will give you a hint.  A man widely considered as the best hockey player on the planet played his last game of the season and was sidelined due to concussion like symptoms until last night.  Sidney Crosby made his long-awaited return to the ice last evening at the CONSOL Energy Center in Pittsburgh after a painful ten months off.  Nobody really knew what to expect from a player that many had expected to return to the ice much sooner.

-Well Sid “The Kid” as usual lived up to the hype and more, despite a pretty grimy mustache.  Crosby absolutely stole the show in his return to the ice compiling two goals and two assists.  Not too shabby of return for a guy who had been away from real game action for over 10 months.  The Penguins currently possess the best record in the Eastern Conference (tied for the best in the League).  Now with the return of Sidney Crosby, who made dominating an NHL game look as easy as riding a bike last night, Pittsburgh is once again a heavy favorite to be playing for Lord Stanley come June.

Return of the Meyer

-I know Urban Meyer has stated that no interviews have occurred.  That no offer has been made.  But we all know the truth of the matter.  Urban Meyer will be the next Ohio State football coach.  There is no hiding the truth here.  This is the one job that Urban Meyer would come out of retirement for.  A job that he could not pass up if he tried.  The Head Coaching position at Ohio State is Urban Meyer’s dream job.

-I have no definitive evidence.  I do not have any sources.  When the Tressel allegations began to surface, I immediately thought that Meyer would be the coach in Columbus within the next three years.  Meyer to OSU is as sure of a thing as you get in regards to coaching jobs.  Many people not from Ohio are unaware that Meyer is a Ohio native, who really began his coaching career as a graduate assistant with the Buckeyes.  The man misses football.  He has had a year off to think.  It’s a done deal.  Urban Meyer will be leading the charge at the Horseshoe for the 2012 season.

Just some “Food for Thought.”

Let me hear your thoughts though.  Please comment below with any questions or insights that you may have or shoot me an email at

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