Week 12 was swell

Photo courtesy of zimbio.com. Brandon Weeden (pictured above) and the magical run by the Oklahoma State Cowboys came to an end on Friday during what has been an extremely emotional week in Stillwater.

By Josh Kramer

Week 12 was predominantly filled with blowouts, with a few major upsets sprinkled in.  Now the top three teams in the country will come from the SEC.  More specifically, the amazing SEC West.  The season is starting to come to an end and the BCS picture continues to become clearer…just kidding.

Another one bites the dust

-Heading into this week there were three undefeated teams in all of the land.  Now we are down to just two.  In shocking fashion, Oklahoma State, who led by 17 points and were playing with heavy hearts, went down to a Iowa State team that is still under 500 in Big 12.  What are the chances?  Who really saw this coming?

-With Oklahoma State biting the dust, the BCS now finds itself with a major dilemma.  If LSU finishes the year the way most expect, who will be their opponent on January 9th?  So which non-undefeated team will hit the jackpot and receive an invite to the big game?

-Most people are saying Alabama would be the first choice, while Oregon would have been option number two (until they lost last night).  Well remarkably, LSU has already defeated both of these teams, not that a rematch would be such a bad thing.  And then there is Oklahoma, the preseason number one.  They were lingering until Robert Griffin III put his foot down last night. Then there is of course Arkansas, who took a 24-point drubbing from the Crimson Tide in September.  The Razorbacks also head to Baton Rouge to take on LSU next week.  Following Arkansas, there is Virginia Tech. Sadly the Hokies play in the ACC, which is widely considered the 5th best AQ conference of the Big 6. Next, you have the “Luck Crew” out of Palo Alto.  Oregon really laid a smack down on them all but ending their argument.  And then finally there is Boise and Houston.  A one loss Boise State has 0 shot at playing in the National Championship Game, while Keenum and the gang, despite being undefeated, have little to no chance as well.  Houston has played entirely too weak of a schedule.  So you tell me.  Who should play LSU?

-If I had to choose at this point, I would say Alabama, despite being in the same conference. LSU and Alabama are the two best teams in the country.  So they should compete for the title.  Though if Bama were to win, then they would split the series with LSU. This is why a +1 game is a necessity.

A mistake by the crew

-This year, College Gameday has done a fantastic job in choosing their sites.  The games have generally lived up to the hype and more.  This week was an absolute dud though.  I realize that Case Keenum and Houston are now one of only two undefeated teams in the nation.  But did anyone really expect this game to even be close?

-SMU was 6 and 4 on the year heading into this game and right in the middle of Conference USA.  They are not the same program of the early 1980s.  Nobody expected this game to be close, and it wasn’t.  In LeBron-esque fashion, the game was over after three quarters (typically LeBron takes the 4th quarter off). Well yesterday, Case Keenum and Houston were afforded that luxury due to being up by over three TDs heading into the final quarter of play.  I am sure a much better site will be chosen for next week.  Perhaps in Baton Rouge or South Carolina?

Big East log jam

-I realize that most people do not believe the Big East is worthy of AQ status.  And they may be right.  But you cannot question the parity and competitiveness of the conference.  Good luck picking a winner of this bunch.  Every week provides a shocker.  There are no sure things in the Big East.  And yes, I am talking about football.

-There are no teams who are undefeated in conference play.  There are not even any teams with one loss. Five of the eight teams will head into Week 13 with two losses.  You tell me who is going to come out on top?  It is going to be a wild race to the finish in the Big East for that highly sought after BCS bid.

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportsKraze.


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