You just got Tebowed

Photo courtesy of Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow (pictured above) continues to shock the world with his winning ways.

By Josh Kramer

It’s a bird.  It’s a plane.  It’s Tim Tebow?  Yet again NFL headlines are being dominated by the one and only Tim Tebow.  The Tebow phenomenon has become one of the most unexplainable storylines in all of sports.  Nobody, including myself, believe this guy has any business being a starting quarterback in the National Football League.  Yet he keeps winning.

That is all Tim Tebow does.  He wins.  Just the way he does it, absolutely blows your mind.  Tim Tebow has become the LeBron James of the NFL.  He is rapidly becoming the most well-known figure in the sport.  Though he constantly dominates the tabloids in a similar fashion to the King, the Gator God is by no means one of the game’s elite players.  He by no means is even an above average player. But he is still a mega star to say the least.

Tim Tebow will give you the opposite of what King James will get you.  He plays awful for well over three quarters.  and then brings out his best in the fourth (Lebron gives you three great quarters and then his worst in the fourth).  The real question is would you prefer three quarters, or one?

I have never been the biggest Tebow guy.  What he did at Florida was highly impressive and he definitely is worthy of being included in the “GOAT” (Greatest of All Time) discussion in regards to College Football.  But the beauty of men’s athletics is big-time college stars do not always carryover to the next level.  Plenty of Heisman Trophy winners have fizzled out to be mediocre professionals (see Danny Wuerrfel, Eric Crouch, Ron Dayne, Andre Ware, Jason White, etc).  And I, along with many, figured this would be the case in regards to Tim Tebow.  Well so far, I, along with many, have been wrong.

It all started with Josh McDaniels for some reason unbeknownst to me and the rest of the world selecting Tim Tebow with the 25th overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft.  By making Tim Tebow a first-rounder, it was expected that this guy would get his shot whether he deserved it or not.  He did okay at the end of last season when given playing time.  Heading into this year though, it appeared Tim Tebow had been buried on the bench.  Many considered Tebow the third guy on the quarterback totem-pole in Denver (behind Orton and Quinn).

Then Tebow finally got his shot.  And in typical Tebow fashion, he is making the most of it.  Now one looks at Tebow’s numbers this year and they are not impressed by any means.  In all honesty, they are downright disgusted (just ask Steve Young or Merril Hoge).  This man, who many refer to as the “Gator God” is making a mockery of the greatest professional sports league we have in America.  In five games as the Broncos starter, he has completed 52 of 115 passes (45%).  That is an average of a little over 10 completions a game.  No this is not pee-wee football, this is the pass-first NFL.

Aaron Rodgers this year is completing 72.9% of his passes.  Tom Brady is completing 66%.  I mean even Rex Grossman has completed 57.4 of his passes this year (over 12% higher than Tebow).  Tebow not only has some of the worst mechanics I have ever witnessed, he is erratic and inaccurate.  He really possesses none of the typical tools scouts look for in a big-time NFL QB (outside of leadership and work ethic). Yet there is one key number to think about when referring to Tim Tebow.


Tim Tebow has led his very mediocre Denver team to victories in 80% of the games he has started this season.  Denver is 4 and 1 with Tim Tebow leading the way.  Last evening, Denver had 12 possessions.  During possessions 2-11, they gained a total of 70 yards.  On the final possession (#12), they gained 95 yards, with the “Gator God” accounting for 92 of them.

I really cannot remember more of an obscurity in sports.  But the Tim Tebow effect is shocking the world.  Will the Chargers be the next victims to get “Tebowed?”

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportsKraze.


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