Week 9 NFL Power Rankings: Eagles take flight

Photo courtesy of blog.pennlive.com. LeSean McCoy (pictured above) has been simply sensational this year for Philadelphia. If this team finds a way into the postseason, much of it will be due to the featured running back.

By Wesley Kaminsky

It took seven games, a fourth quarter collapse against the 49ers, but the 2011 Philadelphia Eagles have finally arrived. In their 34-7 domination of the Cowboys on Sunday Night, every thing was clicking, and the self-proclaimed “Dream Team” looks as though they are finally figuring it all out. That wasn’t all that happened this weekend, though.

The Ravens needed an 18-3 second half effort to beat the Cardinals, 30-27, while the Saints got shocked in St. Louis 31-21. The wild season that is taking place this season just continues to get more unpredictable. Who had the Chiefs winning four straight games after their miserable 0-3 start? Seriously, did anybody have the 49ers, Bills, and Bengals with a combined 17-5 record at this point in the season?

I didn’t think so.

1. Green Bay Packers (1, Bye): 7-0. The lone undefeated team in the NFL has a test this week in San Diego. I’d say Mr. Rodgers is up for the challenge. (Next week: at San Diego)

2. Pittsburgh Steelers (5, won 25-17): 6-2. That was a big win over the Patriots, but their next game is even bigger: a rematch against the Ravens on Sunday Night Football. It doesn’t get much better than that. (Next week: vs. Baltimore on SNF)

3. San Francisco 49ers (4, won 20-10): 7-1. These 49ers are for real and appear to be here to stay.  As for winning the NFC West? Yeah, that’s going to be clinched relatively soon. (Next week: at Washington)

4. New England Patriots (2, lost 25-17): 5-2. Bill Belichick is taking a lot of heat after that loss in Pittsburgh on Sunday. It’s rare to see that. (Next week: vs. NYG)

5. Baltimore Ravens (6, won 30-27): 5-2. The Ravens avoided a near disaster against the Cardinals and need to buckle down quick with a trip to Pittsburgh next. The results will not be the same as week one. (Next week: at Pittsburgh on SNF)

6. Detroit Lions (7, won 45-10): 6-2. Remember in 2007 when the Lions were 6-2, then followed that up to lose 7 of their last 8 games? This team is different; that won’t happen. (Next week: Bye)

7. Buffalo Bills (9, won 20-0): 5-2. The Bills get the Jets at home next in a game that could very well define their season. (Next week: vs. NYJ)

8. Houston Texans (8, won 24-14): 5-3. With Andre Johnson due back, it’s time for the Texans to take off. It’s their year. (Next week: vs. Cleveland)

9. New Orleans Saints (3, lost 31-21): 5-3. Who are the Saints? Nobody saw that loss coming in St. Louis, and I mean nobody. (Next week: vs. Tampa Bay)

10. New York Giants (11, won 20-17): 5-2. At 5-2, the schedule gets brutal for the Giants in the next couple of weeks. It starts in Foxborough. (Next week: at New England)

11. Cincinnati Bengals (17, won 34-12): 5-2. It’s time to give Marvin Lewis and the Bengals some credit. Who had this team being 5-2 at this point in the season? (Next week: at Tennessee)

12. Chicago Bears (12, Bye): 4-3. The bye week ends with a trip to Philly to play the resurgent Eagles. Look out. (Next week: at Philadelphia on MNF)

13. Philadelphia Eagles (18, won 34-7): 3-4. That win over the Cowboys makes Andy Reid 13-0 in his tenure coming off of a bye week. It looks like the Eagles are finally figuring it out. (Next week: vs. Chicago on MNF)

14. Atlanta Falcons (14, Bye): 4-3. The Falcons get the Colts up next before hosting the Saints in week 10. Watch out for them. (Next week: at Indianapolis)

15. New York Jets (13, Bye): 4-3. The Jets get the first place Bills next, and they’ll be well rested. Rex Ryan better have his team ready. (Next week: at Buffalo)

16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (16, Bye): 4-3. The Buccaneers get a chance to sweep the Saints and make their mark in the NFC South. The bad news is the Saints will be angry after the loss in St. Louis. (Next week: at New Orleans)

17. Kansas City Chiefs (19, won 23-20): 4-3. Suddenly the Chiefs have won four straight games and are in first place in the AFC West. Huh? (Next week: vs. Miami)

18. San Diego Chargers (10, lost 23-20): 4-3. The last two losses are on Philip Rivers, and that one in Kansas City was inexcusable. This team has no discipline. (Next week: vs. Green Bay)

19. Dallas Cowboys (15, lost 34-7): 3-4. The Cowboys wanted no part in that game in Philadelphia on Sunday Night. Rob Ryan’s defense got worked. (Next week: vs. Seattle)

20. Oakland Raiders (20, Bye): 4-3. Carson Palmer can’t be much worse this week than he was in his debut with the Raiders. (Next week: vs. Denver)

21. Tennessee Titans (23, won 27-10): 4-3. It’s amazing how quickly Chris Johnson has deteriorated. Maybe he should go to training camp next year. (Next week: vs. Cincinnati)

22. Cleveland Browns (24, lost 20-10): 3-4. This season is really about seeing if Colt McCoy is the answer in Cleveland. I’m not so sure he is. (Next week: at Houston)

23. Minnesota Vikings (28, won 24-21): 2-6. It’s amazing how much better the Vikings look with Christian Ponder at the helm than Donovan McNabb. (Next week: Bye)

24. Carolina Panthers (22, lost 24-21): 2-6. As good as Cam Newton has been, he has just two wins to show for it. He’s had chances in almost every game to win. That’s the harsh truth on Newton. (Next week: Bye)

25. Washington Redskins (21, lost 20-0): 3-4. Is John Beck really an upgrade over Rex Grossman? That’s saying something. (Next week: vs. San Francisco)

26. Jacksonville Jaguars (27, lost 24-14): 2-6. Blaine Gabbert can’t seem to move the offense, and that’s a big problem. He looks to be light years behind Cam Newton and Christian Ponder. (Next week: Bye)

27. Seattle Seahawks (25, lost 34-12): 2-5. It’s looking more and more like that win in New York was just a fluke. (Next week: at Dallas)

28. Denver Broncos (26, lost 45-10): 2-5. All the talk after that beat down against the Lions was how bad Tim Tebow was, but there was no mention of the defense or offensive line. And yes, I kind of have a thing for Tebow. (Next week: at Oakland)

29. St. Louis Rams (30, won 31-21): 1-6. The Rams came out of nowhere winning that game against the Saints. Where did that defense come from? (Next week: at Arizona)

30. Arizona Cardinals (29, lost 30-27): 1-6. Even though the Cardinals led the Ravens 24-6 at half-time, you get the feeling that even they didn’t think they were going to win. (Next week: vs. St Louis)

31. Miami Dolphins (31, lost 20-17): 0-7. Watching Andrew Luck comeback against USC made Dolphins fans want him even more. That, and the combination of having to struggle with watching Matt Moore play. (Next week: at Kansas City)

32. Indianapolis Colts (32, lost 27-10): 0-8. Win number one without Peyton Manning is going to have to wait a little bit longer.  If it comes at all. (Next week: vs. Atlanta)

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