Food for Thought 10-4-2011

Photo courtesy of The real Dream Team (pictured above) handled business back in 1992. Vince Young's "Dream Team" is not handling business thus far in Philadelphia.

By Josh Kramer

There is so much going on in the wide world of sports these days that it is somewhat difficult to keep track of it all.  Big time College Football plus the looming conference realignment.  Amazing comeback galore in the NFL.  The MLB playoffs.  And NHL hockey is about set to get the party started.

Here are the items that have caught my attention.

Dream Team not so “Dreamy”

-We are now four weeks into the NFL season.  There are only two undefeated teams left, and the excitement is brewing.  In the off-season, no team made more headlines than the Philadelphia Eagles.  Once a new CBA deal was struck, the Eagles seemed ready to “fly” into action.  It seemed each day brought a new major acquisition to a team that already won the NFC East last season.  Then on a fateful July 30th morning, Vince Young, a man who has yet to play a down for the Eagles, declared Philadelphia’s finest the “Dream Team.”

-Well thus far, the “Dream Team” is certainly not living up to the name.  At 1 and 3 overall, the Eagles find themselves in the cellar of the always ultra-competitive NFC East. Since the current playoff format came to be in 1990, only 14.7% of teams who have started 1 and 3 have made the playoffs.  Is it possible that the team who made all of the “right” moves this off-season could have regressed?  Ever head the expression, “Don’t be blinded by the hype?”  Well the city of Brotherly Love along with the majority of NFL fans were blinded.  Now I realize that we are only a month in to the season.  But the numbers do not lie.  Philadelphia struggles to stop the run, ranking 30th in the League in rushing yards surrendered per game, and their supposedly revamped secondary is giving up TD passes in bundles.  Can this team turn it around next week at Buffalo?  Philadelphia certainly hopes so.  This story sounds similar to the pre-determined “Greatest team of all time” that failed to make the MLB playoffs out of Beantown.

Could things really get any worse in Columbus?

-Watching one of the nation’s perennial football powerhouses has been utterly painful this year.  The Ohio State offense defines the term “ineptitude” (at least thus far).  And things do not appear to be getting any better for the six-time defending Big Ten Champion Buckeyes.  Saturday’s date at Memorial Stadium has been circled on all Ohio State fans calendars since right around Christmas.

-Not only was this a game against the always talented Nebraska Cornhuskers, but it was also the game where five of Ohio State’s studs would return.  Well the majority of the civilized world is aware that one of them, Terrelle Pryor, took his talents to the NFL via the supplemental draft.  But still, the other players were no slouches.  Herron, Posey, and Adams have all been mainstays on the reigning Sugar Bowl champions for a few years each.  So following Saturday’s embarrassing Big Ten opener versus the Spartans, at least Ohio State would once again have the services of some of their star players.  Or would they?

-Last year’s top rusher Daniel Herron and the top returning receiver Devier Posey have both been suspended for Saturday’s trip to Nebraska.  So there appears to be no good news for Brutus and the Buckeye Nation as they brace themselves for a date with a Nebraska team that is coming off of an embarrassing performance in their own right.  I never thought I would see the day where the Buckeyes began Big Ten play 0 and 2.  It appears to be a real possibility.

Are the playoffs going on?

-Last Wednesday was arguably the greatest night of baseball in the past 25 years.  It was truly a night for the ages.  Playoff baseball began last Thursday and all four of the divisional series are in full swing.  Were you even aware?

-October (and November) baseball is one of the best things going in sports.  Sadly though, the first weekend of the MLB playoffs were entirely overshadowed by the new American pastime, football.  At least over the next few days, the MLB should take center stage, and rightfully so.  We appear to have a phenomenal slate of postseason baseball ahead.  All eight teams seem more than capable of taking home the Commissioner’s Trophy.  Today we have four games, with all eight teams in action.  Try to tune in for some.  You just may see something special.

Just some “Food for Thought.”

Let me hear your thoughts though.  Please comment below with any questions or insights that you may have or shoot me an email at

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportsKraze.

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