Can we get a high-five for Week 5?

Photo courtesy of Russell Wilson is having a magical year in Madison so far, but Tyler Wilson (pictured above) stole the show yesterday, throwing for over 500 yards in a huge comeback victory over Texas A&M.

By Josh Kramer

Conference play is pretty much in full swing now.  And Week 5, thought it was not the greatest of weekends, still had some high-level entertainment as many teams took the plunge into major conference battles.

Russell Wilson is not the only “Wilson” in town

-I realize that one of the major stories this off-season was the arrival of Russell Wilson in Madison.  Wisconsin, who was already a favorite to win the Big Ten became “the favorite” with the arrival of the very experienced former NC State QB.  Last night, was another huge evening for the Badger QB.  But there is another quarterback who shares the last name of Camp Randall’s finest.  And this guy is not too shabby in his own right.

-I am of course referring to Razorback’s starting QB, Tyler Wilson.  This guy has been simply awesome this year, and yesterday was just some more icing on the cake.  Many had the Arkansas/A&M game at Cowboy Stadium circled heading into the day.  And this game lived up to all the hype and more.  Tyler Wilson, the star of the game, was simply phenomenal.  The Razorback gunslinger put up a gaudy 511 yards via the air, a new school record, in leading Arkansas to a huge comeback victory.  Many expected a shootout, and thanks to Tyler Wilson and Co., who could have easily packed it in after going into halftime down by 18, the fireworks were provided.  There are apparently two great “Wilsons” in town this year.

Boise leaves no doubt in revenge victory

-There were no Kyle Brotzman flashbacks yesterday.  It was strictly business for Boise State, as the Broncos moved to 4 and 0 on the year.  On November 26, 2010, Boise State was undefeated (10 and 0) and looked to be a definite National Championship contender.  They knocked off some top teams in non-conference play, and were on their way to punctuating a perfect season.  And after jumping out to a 17-0 and then 24-7 lead at halftime, it appeared Kellen and the boys would continue to state their case.  Then disaster set in, in the form of an unthinkable Nevada comeback, punctuated by two botched Brotzman field goal attempts.

-Well this year, Kellen is a senior.  And it appears that he has no plans of leaving anything to chance.  It appears nothing is going to deny the four-year starter from an undefeated season.  If Boise does pull off the perfect regular season, then nobody can point the finger at Kellen or any of his Bronco teammates.  It will be on the computer system.  If the Broncos continue to blow teams out like they have each week this season, their chances of an invite to the Superdome on January 9, 2012 seem all the more likely.

A real rebuilding year

-Ohio State has won at least a share of the past six Big Ten Championships.  Well that streak appears to be coming to a definitive halt this year following a loss in the conference opener to Michigan State.  After watching the Buckeyes during the course of their first five games this year, frankly, I am disgusted.  Now I realize that they have some key players that are suspended who will return next week against Nebraska, but this is just flat-out hard to watch.

-They have a 5th-year senior in Joe Bauserman who has no business ever starting a game at QB in the scarlet and gray.  Then they also have an athletic-gem, in true-freshman Braxton Miller, who really has no idea how to play football at the high division one level yet and struggles to throw the ball.  No individual Ohio State QB has thrown for more than 100 yards in a game since Week 2, when Ohio State nearly lost to a team out of the MAC, Toledo.  Over the past three weeks, Ohio State QBs have combined to throw for 143 yards, 110 yards, and 35 yards.  I expect Ohio State QBs to throw for 288 yards on any given Saturday (the last three weeks combined).  And today, not only was the passing attack anemic, the running attack was even worse, due to the fact that teams can stack the box with 8 and 9 guys every play because of how one-dimensional the Buckeyes have become.  35 yards on 39 carries.  You can do the math on that one.  Lastly, Ohio State won the turnover battle yesterday 3 to 1, and still lost.  Finally Columbus is in the midst of experiencing a true rebuilding year.  Not a “rebuilding” year like they had under Jim Tressel, where they still won the Big Ten title and went to the Rose Bowl.  A rebuilding year where they struggle to win 8 games and do not finish in the top two in conference.

Primetime blowouts

-Last night was poised to be a huge night for College Football.  Four huge matchups on the primetime slate.

Clemson at Virginia Tech

Alabama at Florida

Nebraska at Wisconsin

Notre Dame at Purdue

-Sadly the night did not live up to the big billing by any means.  The cumulative margin of victory was 107.  That is an average disparity of 26.75 per game.  On average, these games had a nearly four touchdown difference.

-Nebraska is a good team, but they just had a horrible last ten minutes of the 2nd quarter, where everything fell apart in their Big Ten debut.  Florida is also a very solid team, but they simply ran out of gas towards the end of the first half and in the fourth quarter.  Clemson is apparently the real deal.  And Notre Dame finally took care of the football, which resulted in  a blowout at the hands of a weak Purdue team.

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportsKraze.

5 responses to “Can we get a high-five for Week 5?

  1. Ohio St will be lucky to win enough games to be bowl eligible. 8 wins is a pipe dream.

    • Miguel,
      I would not disagree with that. We will see what happens with the return of some of their stars this week. I have a feeling there will be some improvement.


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