Week 2 NFL Power Rankings

Photo courtesy of playqb.com. Tom Brady (pictured above) stole the show in the opening weekend by topping the 500 yard passing mark.

By Wesley Kaminsky

24-37, 422 yards, two touchdowns, and one interception. You know who’s stat line that was in week one? Not Aaron Rodgers, not Drew Brees, and not Tom Brady’s. It was Cam Newton’s, who started his career off with a bang.

Would Newton steal the show in week one? Think again. Tom Brady had different plans on Monday Night Football as he threw for an astounding 517 yards in Miami. Yeah, you read that correctly.

That’s just the kind of week it was in week one, full of surprises. Playoff teams such as the Steelers, Chiefs, and Falcons got rocked opening weekend, while the Bills and Lions won on the road. It was a weird week in the NFL, and here is the good news, we are just getting started.

1. Green Bay Packers: 1-0. In a shootout to open the season, the Packers did not appear like they missed a beat from their Super Bowl form. Aaron Rodgers was firing on all cylinders.

2. New England Patriots: 1-0. The reigning MVP Tom Brady took no time off in defending his crown as he torched the Dolphins for 517 yards to open the season. That’s scary good, and yes, I do have a little man-crush on Brady.

3. Baltimore Ravens: 1-0. The Ravens dismantled the Steelers to the tune of 35-7, causing seven turnovers in the process. The rest of the AFC better beware.

4. Philadelphia Eagles: 1-0. Lost in the Eagles win in St. Louis was the fact that the Eagles gave up 236 yards rushing. That must improve. Next up? Michael Vick returns to Atlanta on Sunday Night Football.

5. Chicago Bears: 1-0. People can criticize the Bears all they want, but they dominated the Falcons on Sunday. Next up, a trip to New Orleans.

6. New York Jets: 1-0. It’s a new season, and once again the Jets win a game in which they should have lost. Mark Sanchez was sharp in the victory.

7. New Orleans Saints: 0-1. Drew Brees almost willed them back Thursday at Lambeau, but the Saints came up just short. As for missing Reggie Bush? New Orleans, meet Darren Sproles.

8. Houston Texans: 1-0. Just like last year, the Texans opened the season up beating the Colts. This time though, you really get the sense that this is the year for the Texans.

9. Pittsburgh Steelers: 0-1. I would not want to be in the Steelers locker room after that game in Baltimore. Mike Tomlin did not have his team ready to play to open the season.

10. Atlanta Falcons: 0-1. The Falcons didn’t show up to play in Chicago to open the season.  They must get ready for week two because Michael Vick is coming back to Atlanta.

11. San Diego Chargers: 1-0. It wasn’t pretty, but the Chargers escaped with a win over the Vikings. You should be used to this with San Diego by now.

12. Detroit Lions: 1-0. The Lions have a chance to be special this year, and started things off on the right foot with a win in Tampa Bay.

13. Dallas Cowboys: 0-1. Everything was going perfect in that game, that is, until Tony Romo fell apart at the end. That’s not a good omen to start the season.

14. Washington Redskins: 1-0. After all his comments in the off-season, Rex Grossman backed it all up on Sunday against the Giants. Mike Shanahan is grinning after that one.

15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 0-1. It was too little, too late for the Bucs against the Lions as they dropped their opener. Now they will try to regroup on the road in Minnesota.

16. New York Giants: 0-1. That was not a good start for the Giants to start the season, and those injuries to their defense are going to hurt. Can they bounce back at home against the Rams on Monday Night Football?

17. Indianapolis Colts: 0-1. Colts fans, that was a glimpse of life without Peyton Manning. It isn’t pretty. If I am the Colts, I take a serious look at David Garrard.

18. Buffalo Bills: 1-0. Seriously, did anybody expect that offensive outburst out of the Bills on Sunday? Ryan Fitzpatrick picked apart the Chiefs defense.

19. Cincinnati Bengals: 1-0. A.J. Green’s first career catch could not have come at a better time, and for a better result. The Bengals may be better than you think this season.

20. Arizona Cardinals: 1-0. Kevin Kolb played well in his first game as a Cardinal but one thing is for sure: teams are going to have a lot of fun with that secondary. Just ask Cam Newton.

21. Oakland Raiders: 1-0. The Raiders continued their dominance of the Broncos with a win in Denver to open the season. Watch out for them in their quest for the AFC West crown this season.

22. St. Louis Rams: 0-1. The Rams were hit hard with injuries against the Eagles, and lost cornerback Ron Bartell for the season. Up next for the Rams is a trip to New York on Monday Night Football against the Giants.

23. San Francisco 49ers: 1-0. Alex Smith was accurate, but if it weren’t for two Ted Ginn return touchdowns, would the 49ers have won that game?

24. Miami Dolphins: 0-1. Here is the good to take out of that game vs the Patriots: Chad Henne threw for 416 yards and looked good. Here’s the bad news: The Dolphins gave up 517 yards passing to Tom Brady.

25. Jacksonville Jaguars: 1-0. Luke McCown played well enough to secure the win over the Titans, but must play better next week for the Jags to have any shot of upsetting the Jets.

26. Carolina Panthers: 0-1. Nobody could have expected that performance out of Cam Newton in his first game as a pro. That was special. Here’s the bad news though: The Panthers lost Jon Beason to a torn ACL.

27. Minnesota Vikings: 0-1. Look, I love Donovan McNabb, but 39 yards passing is not going to cut it. I get the feeling we will see Christian Ponder at some point this season.

28. Tennessee Titans: 0-1. After finally ending his holdout, Chris Johnson opened up the season with just 24 yards rushing. Uh oh.

29. Cleveland Browns: 0-1. Colt McCoy could never get into a rhythm and the Browns lost a very win-able game to start 2011 Next, they travel to Indianapolis to play the Peyton-less Colts.

30. Kansas City Chiefs: 0-1. I don’t care if the Chiefs won the AFC West last season, it’s a new year, and I have a feeling it’s going to be a long one. Losing 41-7 at home to open the season is inexcusable. It gets worse also with the news that Eric Berry will miss the season with a torn ACL.

31. Denver Broncos: 0-1. With every week the Broncos lose, fans are going to be waiting for the start of the Tim Tebow era. I’m leading the charge on that band wagon.

32. Seattle Seahawks: 0-1. The Seahawks aren’t going to cut it with Tavaris Jackson as their starting quarterback. Not even in the NFC West. They are all in on the Andrew Luck bowl.

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3 responses to “Week 2 NFL Power Rankings

  1. I love that you headlines Cam Newton’s opening day performance and yet have the Panthers ranked so low…kinda defines “fluke,” don’t you think?

  2. Solid Power Rankings and love the fact that you have the Seahawks at the bottom of the barrel (so did I: http://sports-glutton.com/2011/09/13/nfl-power-rankings-week-2/). I ranking the Colts 17th is fairly generous, as they were a seriously flawed team with Manning (i’m a Colts fan, but had them going 8-8) and now the team might be lucky to finish 5-11. Cheers!

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