A second week that was far better than mediocre

Photo courtesy of news.fiu.edu. One of the best players in College Football you have never heard of put on a real show on Friday night in Louisville. America, say hello to T.Y. Hilton (pictured above).

By Josh Kramer

It is safe to say that Week 2 of the College Football season was far from “mediocre.”  I was not thoroughly impressed by last Saturday’s football action.  This week took a 180 from last week and made me once again realize why College Football is so great.  From the second consecutive great Friday night game, to the lights going off at the Big House, week two was definitely a week to remember.  Amazingly, the schedule will only get better as we move forward.  Here is a look back at some of the highlights of Week 2.

Weeknight game are still wild and unpredictable

-Well at least Friday night games are great.  After witnessing a game that may be called the best game of the football season last week between Baylor and TCU, this Friday was not too shabby in its own right.  Little known FIU shocked a supposedly revamped Louisville Cardinals team, while Arizona State began living up to some of the hype as a “surprise” team this year, defeating a Big 12 power in Missouri.  The Thursday night game for Week 3 appears to be a dandy with number three ranked LSU heading to Mississippi State on Thursday night. But if the recent trend continues, perhaps Toledo could shock Boise State on Friday, or the Iowa State/Connecticut game could turn into an unforgettable thriller.

Big East back to being the “Big Least?”

-The Big East came out with a chip on their shoulders in Week 1 and went undefeated as a whole.  I do not think many people expected what is widely considered the weakest BCS Conference (for football obviously) to pull off an aggregate 8 and 0 record to start the year.  Well sadly, a reality check was in order for what is widely considered the best basketball conference in America.

-Starting on Friday night, Louisville, in a primetime ESPN game, laid an egg at home against a little known Florida International team.  In doing so, the Cardinals ruined the Big East’s undefeated aggregate record and showed the world who little known Golden Panther’s senior T.Y. Hilton is.  If you don’t know who this stud senior receiver is, now you know.  Hilton was simply phenomenal and looks to be a sue in NFL talent.  Keep an eye on this rising star from Miami.  Following the Cardinals embarrassment at Papa John’s Stadium, the University of Cincinnati headed to Rocky Top on Saturday and took a beating from a supposedly mediocre Tennessee team.  Now the Bearcats hold an all-time record of 0-20-1 against the might SEC in road contests.  At the end of the day, the Big East went a very unimpressive 4-4 on the week, and now is 4 and 12 overall.

Offensive juggernaut of a year ago returns

-At least for one night, the lethal Oregon Ducks offensive attack of a year ago returned.  Possibly this could be the start of things to come in Nikeville?  After a very disappointing Week 1 performance at Cowboys Stadium, the Oregon Ducks returned to their old ways in putting up a 69 spot against a Wolf Pack team that won 13 games last year.  603 yards of offense, 69 points, and 0 turnovers.  Last year’s number 1 ranked offense put on a show in their home opener and looks to be back to their old ways.  It will be interesting to see if they can continue to pummel opponents right through the Pac-12 season behind their lethal tandem of LaMichael James and Darron Thomas.

All of the lights in the Big House

-In the first game ever under the lights at the Big House, 114,804 wild football fans were given a real treat.  Let’s put it this way, playing under the lights was no mistake for College Football’ winningest program of all time.  It is hard to believe that the Wolverines have been playing at the Big House since 1927, and never played a game under the lights.  Going forward, Brady Hoke and Co. should continue to schedule some night games at home.  What an atmosphere.  What a game between two of College Football’s most historic programs.  One positive note for my Notre Dame fans out there despite a second consecutive week with 5 turnovers.  At least you were not one of Brian Kelly’s players in that locker room post-game last night, or on the ride home to South Bend.  I promise you, it was not the happening place to be.

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5 responses to “A second week that was far better than mediocre

  1. Being a Tennessee fan I admit they came in to the season being considered a mediocre team. Do you think they still are considered that or are their two blowout wins a result of playing 2 very subpar defenses. Also, you may be talking about your picks later in the week, but who are you taking in the Swamp on Saturday Vols or Gators?

    • Matt,
      I think it is very hard to rate the Volunteers. They looked very good against UC on Saturday, we will learn a lot from their performance in the Swamp. I was very impressed with Bray and their talented WR’s. But the SEC is very tough. There are not too many easy games. We will learn if they are mediocre in a hurry.


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