Weekly Nickel 8-29-2011

Photo courtesy of deadspin.com. The best rivalry in baseball continues on at Fenway on Tuesday night.

By Josh Kramer

Hurricane Irene has finally decided to leave the East Coast alone.  And sure there are damages and repercussions that will ensue for a while, but the sporting world continues to trek on.  Sports can act as a release for many of the people suffering ill effects in the wake of the vicious storm hopefully. Here are the main events for the week ahead.

5.  NFL Preseason football enters the fourth and final week.  Opening night is just around the corner, and the real “dress rehearsal” just occurred this past weekend.  But still, many guys are fighting for one of those 53 roster spots and will lay it all on the line for the preseason finale.

4.  Fantasy Football drafts continue on.  Best of luck in all of your respective leagues.  I do not recommend going after TJ Houshmandzadeh (the glory years of 2006 and 2007 are long gone).

3.  On Thursday, we enter the sixth and final month of the regular season.  It is hard to believe, but there are only a little over 30 games remaining in the regular season.  Finally, the playoff picture is really taking shape.  There is the possibility of four players ending up with a 30/30 stat line (30 HRs and 30 steals; Kemp, Granderson, Braun, Ellsbury).  But the marquee matchup of the week occurs in a very familiar place.  I am of course talking about none other than the historic confines of beautiful Fenway Park.

New York Yankees at Boston Red Sox:  Currently the Red Sox hold a two game lead over their bitter rival in the AL East.  We will learn whole lot about how this race is going to shake out starting Tuesday when the teams go to battle in a three game set in Beantown.  All year, Boston has had their way with the Bombers.  Can the Yankees shift the power in baseball’s best rivalry?  I am doubting it (at this point).  Boston has been rolling lately, winning seven of their last ten.  Plus they are a very good home team.  Though I feel the Yankees will ultimately get the best of the Red Sox come October, I foresee them losing two of three this time around.

2.  Welcome to Flushing folks.  The fourth and final Grand Slam of the year is underway.  Can an American man bring the red, white, and blue its first Grand Slam title since 2003?  It is unlikely, but either way, all eyes in the tennis world focus on the Big Apple for the next two weeks.

1.  College Football is back. It has been over six months since we witnessed Cam Newton smiling along with Auburn teammates out in Phoenix.  Now the journey officially begins towards crowning a new champion.  The marquee matchup occurs on Saturday night when two top five teams (LSU/Oregon) go to battle in Jerry Jones’ Playground.  I promise you will not want to miss this one.

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportsKraze.

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