The Captain is back

Photo courtesy of Derek Jeter (pictured above) has finally regained his sweet stroke at the plate.

By Josh Kramer

Don’t look now, but the king of baseball is back.  One of the MLB’s most popular players and dynamic figures has dealt with heavy criticism for some time now.   Many of the murmering have gone like this:

He can’t hit.  His range is diminished.   He hits into too many double plays.  His speed is gone. He should just retire.  And in typical Jeter fashion, he has taken it all in stride. Well I hate to say it, but #2 still has a little gas left in the tank.

As we head towards the final month of the season, the New York Yankees sit 1.5 games behind their bitter rival in the almighty AL East and seven games ahead in the AL Wild Card race.  And they are fine with it.  Does anybody really want to face newly anointed 20-game winner Justin Verlander and the Detroit Tigers in a best of five divisional series?

Currently Jeter is batting .299, 16 points up from his .283 average on August 16th (10 games ago).  Plus at the beginning of the month, he was batting just .270.  During the course of his illustrious 16-year-career in the Bronx, Jeter has only batted under .300 four times.  Last year, he batted a career low .270 and appeared to be on track for a new career low just a few weeks before the All Star break.  Then #2 went on the DL (.260 average at that point).  And ever since, the Yankee Captain joined a very exclusive club (3,000 hit club) and has been on an absolute terror.

Not only has Jeter been producing at the plate though, he is also a newly single man.  For years Jeter’s playboy ways have been well documented.  After being tied down to Minka Kelly for nearly three years, he is a free man.  So not only has Jeter returned to his old ways from the plate, he appears ready to return to his old ways off the field.  In essence Jeter has regained his stroke.  You better believe that New York City nightlife, once Hurricane Irene comes and goes, will be forever changed.

The Captain is back.

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