Food for Thought 8-23-2011

Photo courtesy of Was former Ohio State star Terrelle Pryor (pictured above) worthy of the hire yesterday by Oakland?

By Josh Kramer

And the beat goes on.  The sporting world is heating up as we near the end of what has been a great summer.  Here is what has caught my attention.

Tebow Turmoil

John Fox finally made the official announcement today.  Kyle Orton is the official starter in Denver.  Also, most directions point towards Brady Quinn residing in the number two spot.  Meaning Tim Tebow has fallen to number three.  A number one draft pick of a year ago is the 3rd string guy?  Talk about a bust.  I have been saying it since that fateful night of April 22, 2010.  Tim Tebow was a heck of a college player and seemingly is an even better person.  But in no way was he first round caliber player.

Generally first round picks are guys that a team expects to come in and make an impact in year one.  And if they do not get the opportunity to make some noise in year one, then it is most definitely expected in year two.  Well it appears year two, unless a major outbreak of injuries occurs, will be another bust for Florida’s favorite son Tim Tebow.

How many of you have seen “They Said” Tim Tebow FRS commercial?

Well if you have seen this commercial, it has been on my mind all day, realizing that Tebow is now the 3rd string guy in Denver.  He starts the commercial by stating that people said he could not be a high school quarterback?  I find that hard to believe, but will let it slide.  Then he says they said he could not get a D1 scholarship?  This is where I start getting skeptical of the Florida legend.  The man was a 6 foot 3, 220 pound, 5-star recruit.  I think people believed that you could play D1.  Next Tebow says that he was not skilled enough, etc.  I believe that people believed in him, considering he was a 5-star recruit and one of the most heralded players in the country.  Then in terms of a National Championship and a Heisman, which he states that people said he could not obtain.  Well he already had one handed to him his Freshman year (Leak never has gotten his due).  And then the Heisman was kind of gravy the next year in that he got a taste of the big stage as a true freshman.

Then finally he says, “They said I could not be a 1st round pick.”  Well the people who said this should have been right.  You shouldn’t have been.  Out of last year’s first round picks, Tebow is quite possibly the biggest bust to this point.  He had no business going in Round 1.  It was just another of a long list of poor decisions by Josh McDaniels in Denver.  If Denver did not sink so much money into the former Florida God, they would have already cut/traded him.  Maybe McDaniels should pick up Tebow in St. Louis just to apologize to the once highly regarded Bronco Nation?

Pryor worthy of the hire?

I thought Terrelle Pryor would go between Rounds 4 and 6 in yesterday’s Supplemental Draft.  Oakland did one better and took the former Buckeye star in Round 3.  Was this a good pick?  At this point it is very hard to say.  But there are a couple of positive things that the Raiders have going here.

Pryor is willing to try other positions and really appears to have the ability to successively transition to another position.  Everybody says that the aforementioned Gator God (Tim Tebow) should switch positions.  Well he should, but he does not have a great fit anywhere.  He couldn’t play wide receiver.  He is not quite big enough to play tight end.  By no means is he fast enough to play running back.  Fullback would be the only viable option for Tebow in my eyes.  For Pryor, the sky is the limit.

The man ran a 4.36 in the 40 and has a broad 6 foot 6 frame.  You want to talk about a physical freak of nature?  Pryor is arguably the NFL’s version of LeBron James in terms of the blending of freak size and athleticism.  Plus, Pryor was a highly touted four star basketball recruit with impressive leaping ability.  All directions point towards Pryor being a great wide receiver and/or tight end.   I think I remember some other strong basketball players that have become strong receivers and/or tight ends (Gates, Moss). In addition, his demonstration of willingness to switch positions already is a great sign for Raider nation.

So Pryor appears to be worth hire at least on paper.

Does anyone want to win the AL East?

Detroit Tiger’s ace Justin Verlander continued his magical season last evening as he picked up his League leading 19th victory.  No other starter for the AL Central leading Tigers has an ERA below 4.0, but it doesn’t seem to matter.  Detroit not only can hit with the best of them, but they also have arguably the most dominant pitcher in all of baseball.

In a five game divisional playoff, I would want no business with Verlander and the Tigers.  It may be better in all honesty to take the wild card, rather than win the AL East.  The way the American League playoff picture appears with less than 40 games remaining; Texas, Detroit, New York, and Boston will make up the fun.  It also appears that whomever wins the East, will sport the best record in the American League, and have to take on the AL Central winner (AL West leading Rangers are five games ahead of the AL Central leading Tigers).

In a seven game set, I feel as if the Yankees, Red Sox, or Rangers would handle the Tigers.  But in a five game set, where the ace can pitch two of the five games, look out.  And I know many of you are sitting there thinking, well Verlander could pitch three of the seven games in a full set, and I realize that.  But he is much more likely to put up two lockdown performances than three.  No matter how god-like he has looked, everyone is human.  Pitching three gems in a seven game set is no easy task.

So should Boston and New York play for the wild card rather than the AL East Championship?

Just some “Food for Thought.”

Let me hear your thoughts though.  Please comment below with any questions or insights that you may have or shoot me an email at

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportsKraze.


2 responses to “Food for Thought 8-23-2011

  1. You’re down on Tebow, but up on Pryor, despite the fact in a lot of respects they are the same guy…Hmmmm…

    I do agree with you that the Tebow FRS commercial is a crock.

    • JW,
      I am most definitely down on Tebow. And I am up on Pryor’s willingness to try another position. With Pryor’s athleticism, trying another position will put him in a much better spot than Tim. I am not high on either of them playing QB. And as for the FRS commercial, it has always been a joke.


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