American golf in the woods?

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By Josh Kramer

Tiger Woods has been in the “woods” for nearly three years now.  The once most iconic figure in all of sports (yes a golfer) has hit rock bottom.  Today, arguably the greatest golfer of all time finished off the 2nd round at a +10 clip and missed the cut at the PGA Championship.

Tiger Woods is now 35 and does not look to be close to regaining his old form.  Could the days of the dominant Tiger we once knew be over?

We all are more than aware that American tennis has struggled for a good five plus years now following the retirements of Sampras and Agassi.  Well now, the other lifelong sport, which is typically dominated by American players, is not looking so great.

Americans are in the midst of their longest drought at the majors (6 without a title).  Luckily for golf, there are four Americans ranked in the world top ten at the moment.  In addition, Tiger could play the worst round in the history of golf, and he would still get more attention than the leader on that particular day.  Tiger is as close as any athlete has ever come to being bigger than the game itself  (Brett Favre and LeBron James should take notes).  In tennis, there is just one American cracking the top ten.

The top of the leaderboard is littered with American hopefuls.  Eight of the top ten at the end of Round 2 are Americans.

Will an American come out victorious come Sunday?  Or has American golf gone into the “woods” with Tiger Woods?

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14 responses to “American golf in the woods?

  1. Luckily, though, Americans DO have a LOT of really good golfers. We have a great number of golfers with huge potential for success; look at Scott Stallings or Rickie Fowler. I don’t think we’re finished playing at top levels.

    I do agree that Tiger may be bigger than the game, though. But I think now that he’s missed the cut, the attention the media gives him will die down a bit. He’s not the big story anymore–at least until he can get his game back on track.

    • Ole Miss Golf,
      We do have a lot of really good golfers. But do we have anyone that can start bringing home majors? I personally think we do, but this has not happened yet. And as for Tiger, hopefully the Tiger mania will die down at some point. Unless of course he starts winning again. But it is amazing how big of a figure he is and how even with horrible results, the limelight is still centered on him.

      Wish that would happen to me.


  2. Well, looks like we may have found someone to pull us out of the rough! 🙂

    • Ole Miss Golf,
      It was a good weekend for American golf. I would not say we are out of the rough yet with a definitive star. But it was a heck of a comeback/choke job.


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