What not to do as a star professional athlete

Photo courtesy of askmen.com. Alex Rodriguez (pictured above) is not exactly the ideal role-model for your kids.

By Josh Kramer

We all have been told since we were little kids that athletes are role models.  They are people who thousands, and even millions of kids (and adults) look up to and try to emulate.  Now this is all good and grand.  But the next time you talk to a kid about their favorite athlete, just make sure it is not Alex Rodriguez.

Sure ARod has had a phenomenal career and is without question a first-ballot Hall of Famer.  But he literally has set an unparalleled standard of exactly what not to do, if you are a star professional athlete.  He makes LeBron James look like the saint of professional sports.

The following is a list of what not to do as a star professional athlete.

Never take your talents somewhere and accept no longer being “the guy.”

Back in 2004, Rodriguez decided to take his talents to New York.  He decided to join forces with arguably his biggest rival, Derek Jeter.  In essence, Rodriguez decided that he was okay with being a part of Derek Jeter’s Yankees.  And from then on, Rodriguez moved to 3rd base, and was no longer “the guy.”  Ask LeBron about taking your talents to another city and no longer being “the guy.”

Never ever take performance enhancers or cheat the game.

The whole world is aware that Alex Rodriguez took steroids during the course of his career.  Nobody is positive of the extent and duration of his usage, but we all know it went on.  So despite having hit 626 home runs and having a legitimate shot of breaking the all-time home run record, nobody will ever look at his numbers without thinking of an asterisk next to them.  It is sad but true.  Steroids have tarnished an era of baseball.  And they also tarnished the career of Alex Rodriguez.

Never get married unless you are positive that you can stay loyal to your wife.

Now I know that I do not live the life of Alex Rodriguez or any of the other professional athletes.  I fully realize that these guys live in a different world where beautiful women throw themselves at them each and every night.  The way I look at it though.  If you know the temptation is going to be insurmountable, then why bother getting married (during your career)?  Rodriguez should have taken a page out of his teammate’s book (Derek Jeter) and held off on marriage.  Now who really knows what stories are actually true.  But why even let this type of scenario arise.  If you avoid marriage, you avoid the home wrecking tabloids if you decide to live the play boy lifestyle.

Gambling never leads to good things.

Today, a story has come out regarding Rodriguez’s involvement in an illegal underground poker game.  Now I am honestly not sure how much of this story is in actuality true.  But I do know that gambling and athletes is never a good combination.  Just ask Pete Rose or Michael Jordan what good comes from gambling.  It will be interesting to see how much of this story is actual fact.


Remember that in our society though, perception is a reality.  No matter how much of the stories regarding cheating on his wife, gambling, and steroids are true, the perception will always be there.  People perceive ARod as having done all of these things.  Therefore in essence, he has.

So if you are a star professional athlete, make sure you avoid doing the four things listed above.  Otherwise, you will end up in the sticky situation that Alex Rodriguez currently finds himself in.  Sure Rodriguez may make the highest salary in baseball, but I promise you he thirsts to have the clean image of a Derek Jeter or even a no-name player in the MLB.

That will never happen though in that ARod has committed the two cardinals sins in baseball of gambling and steroids, plus he has made other mistakes along the way.

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportsKraze.

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