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Food for Thought 7-26-2011

Photo courtesy of usatoday.com. Drew Stubbs (pictured above) needs to utilize his speed more rather than his power.

By Josh Kramer

Yesterday was a wild day.  With the lifting of the NFL Lockout, all seems to be right in the world again.  Strap in for what may be the craziest free agency period you will ever get to witness in any sport during your life time.  Here are the headlines that have caught my attention.

To bunt or not to bunt?

It is frightening to me when I see guys in the MLB who cannot bunt.  When a guy with the abilities of Drew Stubbs cannot bunt, I want to jump off of a cliff.  Stubbs is one of the ten fastest guys in baseball and without question the speediest guy on the Cincinnati roster, yet he does not possess the ability to bunt at this time. Continue reading