How could Steve Williams be surprised?

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By Josh Kramer

The biggest news in the golfing world since Darren Clarke’s triumph at Royal St. Georges pertains to none other than golf’s biggest star Tiger Woods.  It is refreshing to see that things are somewhat back to normal.  I was getting a little tired of hearing about golf without hearing about Tiger Woods.  There is a reason why the “Golf” page on has a “Tiger Tracker” section.

When the casual golf fan thinks about the life-long sport, Tiger Woods is still the first name that comes to mind these days despite all of his recent troubles.  Well lately, all the attention has been focused on the “young” version of Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Darren Clarke, and others.  Golf misses Tiger just as much as Tiger probably misses golf (or at least winning).  So what if the guy has not won a Major since he put on the gutsiest effort the majority of the world has ever seen on a golf course, winning the 2008 US Open on basically one leg.  The guy has not won a PGA tournament since 2009.  But any Tiger news, whether it is on or off the course, always captures the attention of not only the golfing world, but the entire sporting world.

Today, he fired his long time caddie Steve Williams.  The announcement came as a shock to his old friend and caddie.  Williams had demonstrated the utmost loyalty to Tiger over the years, especially during the past 18 months.  He even was in Tiger’s wedding.  Loyalty and devotion only go so far sadly.  And as Tiger has proven time and time again, he is not the most loyal person, especially to his family, and now his friends.  Life is not always fair.

Are you honestly really shocked though?  As I mentioned above, Tiger has had a very rough past couple of years.  Not only has he struggled on the course, he has struggled off the course.  Tiger needs a change.  He still has his eye on the Majors record currently held by Jack Nicklaus.  And at the age of 35, he is not getting any younger.

Now I personally do not think Williams deserved to be canned.  Tiger’s personal problems and injuries are not the fault of his caddie and old friend.  It is just bad luck for Williams.  But that is how things go sometimes.  It is just like in the lovely world of corporate America. When a company struggles, somebody is going to get shown the door.  Tiger has struggled for over two years now.  He is the CEO and President of this company.  With struggles come changes.

Somebody had to go.  I wish Williams the best of luck in his future endeavors.

Loyalty only goes so far with Tiger Woods.

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4 responses to “How could Steve Williams be surprised?

  1. Steve Williams has been caddying for Australian Adam Scott since the 2011 Masters. Scott finished tied for second at the 2011 Masters and tied for 25th at the British Open. Scott has been known for his cloned Tiger Woods swing–and as a caddy, openness and trust is a necessary trait. Steve Williams is now Adam Scott’s mentor and Scott can learn very much from him because of his prior experience with Tiger.

    At the end of the day, Tiger is the one who takes the swing. To reshape his game, I see Woods adding a new swing coach and new caddy in his corner.

    • FanMan,
      Very interesting perspective. I appreciate the insight and analysis. Tiger is in charge of Tiger at the end of the day. Hopefully Williams and Scott have a successful relationship.


  2. Where’s was there any loyalty on either side here? Williams went on television back home in New Zealand and criticized Woods publicly, then went on to caddy for somebody else.

    And I’m not looking for loyalty in a serial adulterer who has now fried TWO caddies and swing coaches.

    In other words, let’s cut the “loyalty” crap and talk about what really matters here.

    Willams made a lot more money than most other caddies over the past decade; the fact he carried Tiger’s bag is the only reason anybody gives a damn about who he is. The class move would have been to say “Thank you for the opportunity to enjoy this level of success” and move on.

    The moral of the story – Your boss is not your friend. Act accordingly.

    • JW,
      Very true about the boss/employee relationship. Williams was in his wedding though. But both will move on and have success in the future without question. Neither guy is going to struggle from this break up by any means.


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