Muscle weighs more than fat

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By Josh Kramer

Have you ever heard the saying, “Muscle weighs more than fat?”  I am not sure if it is actually true, but I have always been under the impression that it was.  Anyways, we appear to be in for what may be an epic season in NCAA Hoops.  Finally we will get to see some truly dominant teams battle it out in March for the title.  Granted, it may be the only basketball that we get to witness this year.

One of the college games biggest stars has been making some headlines lately.  And not necessarily for his on-court conquests or for any off-the-court indiscretions.  Ohio State’s golden boy, Jared Sullinger, has trimmed down.  Sullinger apparently has been killing himself to lose some of the extra weight this offseason that rests on his 6 9, 280 pound frame.  Sullinger took the college basketball stratosphere by storm last year and did it via old school fundamental post-up basketball.

Jared has realized that he does not quite possess the size to play a 100% turnaround game at the next level.  So he has decided to take it upon himself to develop more of a face-up game.  This already is demonstrating to me the sign of a true professional.  Sullinger had a sensational freshman campaign and easily could have been a top five NBA draft pick.  He decided to stay, which may have been a good decision with the current state of the NBA, and is taking it upon himself to add another facet to his repertoire.  The man is already great, but he realizes that he can be even better.

In order to develop a better face up game, Sullinger realizes that he needs to become more nimble and quick.  Generally when post players want to become more fleet-footed or agile, they need to trim a few.  Apparently Jared already has shedded some pounds and looks extremely fit.  He looks lean and mean according to people who attended the Nike Skills Camps in Chicago.  And of course people are questioning Jared’s new build.

Sure Sullinger was extremely successful last year and utilized his massive frame to help him become the Wayman Tisdale Freshman Player of the Year.  Many athletes in the past that have been a bit thicker, or slightly overweight have used it to their advantage.  Charles Barkley utilized his large back side to the fullest during his Hall of Fame career (these days he is way too overweight).  A few years back, there was an article in SI about how Alge Crumpler utilized his large back side to help him become one of the most effective tight ends in the NFL.  So having a large buttocks can pay dividends for sure.  But I do not see how Sullinger slimming down and adding a whole new element to his already outstanding offensive attack could hurt him?

Maybe I am missing something.  Maybe muscle does not weigh more than fat?

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