Welcome to the Club

Photo courtesy of Celebrity Photos. Derek Jeter (pictured above) has now become the 28th member of the 3,000 hit club.

By Josh Kramer

Derek Jeter has often been referred to as “Mr. November” over the years for his uncanny ability to make clutch plays in the post season.  Now they may need to start referring to him as “Mr. 3,000.” In typical Derek Jeter fashion, the Yankees “Captain” joined the highly respected 3,000 hit club in style.  Jeter has now become the 28th member of the 3,000 hit club and is surprisingly the first Yankee to do so.  What better way to do it though than with a home run in front of a sold out Yankee Stadium (Jeter’s 3rd home run of the year).  Not to mention he did it against David Price, one of the elite pitchers in the game today.

Derek Jeter has without question become New York’s favorite son, or at least the favorite son of the present.  For over 16 years now, Jeter has gone about his business with an unparalleled determination and effort level, while still maintaining the style  and grace of a champion each and every day.  Jeter truly has embodied what it means to wear the mythical Yankees pinstripes.

Today will go down as a very memorable day not only in the future Hall of Famer’s career, but in the very rich history of the Yankees franchise.  It is still baffling to me that a franchise who has had the pleasure of supporting players like Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, and Mantle over the years has never produced a 3,000 hit career.  Well check that achievement off of the Yankees to-do list.  The 27 time World Champion Yankees now have a member of the esteemed club.

Jeter and the Bronx Bombers can now focus on the very difficult task that lies ahead of them in the AL East.  Girardi and the Yankees could not have planned this any better.  Now they will head into the All Star Break with the 3,000 bonanza behind them and all they have to do is focus on winning, which also happens to be the thing that Jeter is best at.  I do not think Jeter would want it any other way as he continues on the quest for ring number six.

And you better believe that the battle in the almighty AL East will be one for the ages this year.

Welcome to the 3,000 hit club Derek Jeter.  The man is a very deserving new member.  Be on the lookout for the HBO special that will document Jeter’s pursuit of the career milestone.

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