Would you roll the dice on TO?

Photo courtesy of ickscorner.com.

By Josh Kramer

Eventually this CBA bonanza will be resolved.  Or so we hope.  For now, we will proceed with “cautious optimism,” whatever that means.  A prime topic of discussion on this day has revolved around none other than the “TO Show.”  You can’t keep this guy out of the tabloids for long no matter the time of year.

“To TO, or not to TO.”  That is the question.

We do know one thing for sure.  The “TO Show” in Cincinnati has been canceled.  There will not be a second season.  The always exciting show has gone all over the country from San Francisco, to Philadelphia, to Dallas, to Buffalo, and then most recently to Cincinnati.  Where will the show go next?

It is no secret that Owens is not a shell of his once former self.  The man is now 37-years-old.  He has played 15 full seasons in the roughest and toughest League of them all.  There is a reason why the average NFL career is a meager 3.3 years (average NBA career is 4.71 years and the average MLB career is 5.6 years).  Not to mention the average career for NFL wide receivers is even less, at 2.81 years.

Owens is heading into year 16.  Now he does have one thing going for him.  He has the best agent in the business.  Drew Rosenhaus is the Ari Gold of the NFL.  Nobody can sell their product the way this guy can.  He put on an Oscar worthy performance at this recent Terrelle Pryor press conference.  The man has no problem selling his clients.  That is why he is known as the best football agent in the world.

But Owens is no easy sell, especially at the age of 37, and with a known knee injury.  Rosenhaus can talk all he wants, but teams are going to be hesitant knowing that Owens had surgery in April.  Sure Owens had more catches this past year than he had since 2007, but those numbers were inflated.  He feasted on scrub single coverage due to teams focusing in on Chad OchoCinco.  A man who loves the attention on and off the field.  Plus many of Owens catches and touchdowns occurred during garbage time, when the outcome of the game had already been determined.

If I am Owens, I am not sure why I would come back at this point.  Sure people point towards the records.  But does this guy really strike you as a historian of the game who truly cares about his legacy?  I guess the only reason he would come back is to win a Super Bowl.  This is the one feat that he has not been able to accomplish during his exceptional career.

Outside of showing tremendous heart on February 6, 2005 (Super Bowl 39), Owens has never really shown the heart of a champion.  Sadly, I do not see Owens ever winning a Super Bowl title.

Would a contender really be willing to roll the dice on TO?  If they are smart, I don’t think so.  I will be curious to see what ends up happening with the always entertaining “TO Show.”

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportsKraze.


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