Sports would be like watching a DVD

Photo courtesy of Andy Roddick (pictured above) was not a happy camper following his surprising 3rd round exit from Wimbledon yesterday.

By Josh Kramer

Yesterday was not a great day for American tennis by any means.  First Ryan Harrison, the “Great American Hope,” was dismantled by 7th seeded David Ferrer, in a second round match that was resumed on Friday.  Then Alex Bogomolov Jr. was wiped off the court by the very talented Tomas Berdych.  Berdych could easily shock one of the “Fantastic Four,” and find his way into the semi-finals, though he would most likely have to defeat Rafa to do this.  And to cap off an All American day at the All England Club, Andy Roddick, who typically thrives on the grass courts of Wimbledon, was dismantled by Feliciano Lopez, a guy he had previously never lost to.

At least Mardy Fish saved face and now is the lone American left in the Men’s draw.  But it was not a good day for American tennis.  Things have gone from good, to bad, to ugly.  We are at the fourth round at Wimbledon, and there is one American left in the draw.  Where is Pete Sampras when you need him (Sampras won 7 Wimbledon titles)?

Now Andy Roddick has never been a guy who likes to lose.  He has really worked hard over the years on improving his entire game and becoming an all around player.  And outside of a great summer in 2003, he has never really broken through to the next level.  This in large part was due to the emergence of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.  ARod continued to improve his game over the years, he just was never quite as good as the top two guys. Roddick has had a very solid career, but never became the superstar number one player like many had hoped he would be.  Well following yesterday’s loss, ARod was not shy at the podium during his press conference.

Roddick said a couple of memorable quotes that will stick with me. First of all he said something to the extent of how sometimes you can play like crap and win.  Other days you can play great and lose.  That is just the way it goes.  Definitely valid statements.  But the quote that really caught my attention.  Roddick said, “It’s just the way it goes in sports sometimes. If it was predictable, it would be like watching a DVD.”

This remark got a good few chuckles that you could hear in the back of the press room.  Sure it is a funny statement, but think about the meaning of the statement.  People love sports.  And they love to watch them live.  Movies are something people like to watch at their own leisure.  They like to be in control of the remote and press stop, play, or pause whenever they please.  In addition, people enjoy watching the same movies multiple times.  While watching sports, the fans really have no control.  They sit on the edge of their seats in anticipation of how the game or match will end.

People yearn for the unpredictability and excitement of sports.  It is what makes sports such a popular viewing spectacle.  If sports were predictable, why would you honestly watch them?

Think about that statement.

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