American hope for the future?

Photo courtesy of Ryan Harrison (pictured above) appears to be the future of American Men's tennis.

By Josh Kramer

19-year-old American Ryan Harrison was the talk of the tennis world today.  People just seem to really love this fiery young American.  And let’s be honest, American tennis needs a male player to carry the torch for the next decade.

As I have said before, we were spoiled all through the 90s by Sampras and Agassi.  Even in the 70s/80s, we had Connors and then McEnroe. Those days are long gone sadly.  Roddick has done all in his power to carry the torch of American’s men’s tennis.  But he appears to be heading towards the twilight of his career as well.  And with the Williams’ sisters reign appearing to be over, American tennis is really lacking.

What will the future hold?  Well I will tell you this much.  People really seem to love this Harrison kid, though only ranked 122nd in the world, who currently trains in Florida.  He is young, exciting, and seems to have the talent to climb the ranks a bit.  Now I am not sure he will ever be the caliber of a Grand Slam Champion.  But at least he provides a glimmer of hope.  God knows American tennis needs it.

Be sure to tune in to Wimbledon tomorrow as Harrison looks to finish off 7th seeded David Ferrer.  This kid has a very bright future and we are all pulling for him to carry the torch.

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