DeShawn adds an off court mistake

Photo courtesy of After winning the title, Dallas Maverick's SG DeShawn Stevenson (pictured above) demonstrated poor sportsmanship with this "classless" shirt.

By Josh Kramer

I will admit that I have never been the biggest fan of Dallas Maverick’s shooting guard DeShawn Stevenson.  Outside of his effort level and very strong defensive prowess, he really does not bring much else to the table.  Throughout the entire playoffs, the man continually trash talked whether it was on the court or in the press. Though he did play an important role in helping Dallas win their first NBA Championship in franchise history.

However, one of the keys to winning is “winning with grace.” Sportsmanship is a key character trait that athletes in our society are brought up on.  Or at least are supposed to be taught from a young age. Plenty of athletes in this day and age struggle to grasp this concept of “winning with grace.”  It is a dire shame.  Soon after winning the title on Sunday evening, Stevenson called the Heat “classless.”  He also sported a shirt directed at Lebron that said, “Hey Lebron! How’s my Dirk taste?”  Was defeating the heavy favorites out of Miami and winning a title not enough to satisfy DeShawn?  Apparently not.

Last evening, Stevenson continued his reckless behavior.  This time getting arrested for public intoxication.  DeShawn has set a horrible example for any fans or children that consider him a role model.  Sure he plays hard each and every night. But this is no excuse for being a poor sport. He continually gets in confrontations with opponents.  He struggles to understand how to handle the media.  And now he has off court issues.

Stevenson has played for four different franchises during his very up and down 11 year career.  Expect Stevenson to be looking for a new team once a new CBA is signed.  Who will be team number five for the Maverick’s free agent?

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportsKraze.

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