Act like you have been there before

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By Josh Kramer

A story capturing the sporting world’s attention pertains to one of baseball’s youngest and brightest stars, Bryce Harper.  Harper today is making media waves due to his post-home run antics in a Minor League game for the Hagerstown Suns (Washington Nationals A team).

Watch this video of a Harper’s blast (Courtesy of LarryBrownSports).   Especially take note of his antics at the 27 second mark of the video.  I for one am absolutely appalled.  Now I realize what a great talent Harper is.  He is currently leading his team in nearly every offensive category, and also is tied for tops in the League in HRs and RBIs (realize he is 18).  So without question, the youngster is living up to the hype.  But with great power comes great responsiblity (Spiderman).

These are the type of antics that drive me up a wall.  There is no place for them in professional sports.  I realize that people love the entertainment value of excessive celebrations and trash talking, but call me a purist.  I am not a fan.  I like guys who go out about their business every day in a workman like fashion.  It is feasible to have fun, while acting like you have been there before.

Mickey Mantle had it right when it came to hitting the long ball.  With 536 mighty blasts in his legendary career, he always rounded the bases quickly and kept his head down in an effort not to show up the opposing pitcher.  Regardless if he was not a saint off the field, he always acted like he had been there on the field (because he had). There is no need to show up your opponents in any sport, much less when you hit a home run in baseball.  Isn’t hitting one out of the park and helping your team out enough satisfaction?

Apparently for guys like Bryce Harper, who were appearing on the cover of Sports Illustrated as 16-year-olds, it is not.

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6 responses to “Act like you have been there before

  1. It’s too bad guys like him act like that. He’s so good he doesn’t need to remind anyone with taunts.

    • Larry,
      I completely agree. I really wish more guys cut the antics out and just played the game. Acting like you have been there before makes a stronger statement in my eyes than showboating..


  2. Know what cures this? A fastball in the teeth.

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