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Nadal joins Borg with 6th French Open Title

Photo courtesy of LiveTennisGuide.com.

By Josh Kramer

I cannot believe that a good portion of the tennis world doubted Rafa heading into this year’s version of Roland Garros.  I cannot believe that I doubted Rafa heading into this year’s French Open.  On Day 1 of this year’s French, upstart American John Isner pushed him to the brink of elimination in a 5-set thriller. Nadal survived and conquered as he always does. Djokovic was the odds on favorite for many, after this near first round disaster (and rightfully so).  Ever heard the expression, “Fuel to the fire?”  The talk of the media and the doubters would normally give a guy motivation to prove the doubters wrong.  Also losing two clay court finals to the 2nd ranked player in the world all in the last six weeks might have a normal guy doubting himself.  Rafa is not a your typical guy though.  And no fuel was needed to light his fire. Continue reading


Burrows wins game 2 in OT for Canucks

Photo courtesy of The Hockey News.

By Nick Craddock

I’m so tempted to start this post with a cheesy line. The temptation is too strong, here goes nothing: Alex Burrows took a bite out of the Boston Bruins in game 2 of the Stanley Cup finals Saturday night.

Burrows probably shouldn’t have been in the lineup for game 2 after biting Boston’s Patrice Bergeron’s finger in game 1; however, the NHL didn’t suspend Burrows because the league’s disciplinarians ruled that there was inconclusive video evidence proving Burrows’ guilt. Clearly, the NHL couldn’t handle the truth. Continue reading