SEC basketball eliminates divisions

By Matt Murray

On Wednesday, per the recommendation of SEC coaches, the SEC athletic directors agreed to merge the divisions of the SEC, effective immediately. This will only apply to basketball, and essentially means that there is no longer two six-team divisions, but instead, one twelve-team conference.

The coaches, led by John Calipari, cited the Big East as an example of why the divisions should merge, stating that it makes far more sense when it comes to seeding for the conference tournaments.

The 16-game schedule will remain in place for this season, however, next year’s schedule will go under review as far as how many games will be played and how they will break down under the new system.

This is an outstanding move by the SEC, and one that all conferences should consider. The giant Big East is able to make it work, and there is no reason the others shouldn’t follow in those footsteps. Under this system, seeding works out in such a way that the best teams are put in the best positions when it comes to the post season, eliminating any issues with regards to one division being better than the other.

Maybe this could get the dominos falling around the NCAA, but only time will tell.

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