Mavericks Extinguish the Flame

Photo courtesy of Celebrity Sentry.

By Josh Kramer

The Mavericks have made a total of two NBA Finals appearances in franchise history.  Both times they have gone against the Miami Heat.  Dating back to the 06 Finals (their other appearance), Dallas had lost five straight finals games at the hands of Miami.  Number six appeared to be almost inevitable.  Down by 15 with a little over six minutes left in the 4th against a very confident Miami team that appeared to be clicking on all cylinders.  It appeared to be “game over.”

Then the Mavericks, led by an amazing last few minutes from their star and a great effort on the boards, got the monkey off their back.  And not only did they get a victory, but they left with a road victory.  Any time the road team splits during the first two games of a series, generally the road team holds the upper hand.

I will not go as far to say that Dallas now holds the upper hand.  But they appear to be alive and well.  And as for Miami.  That type of breakdown should never ever happen.  Especially from a team as good as they are.

Lastly, Nowitzki ended the game scoring the last 9 Dallas points.  As the playoffs have progressed, Dirk has continued to grow the “Nowitzki” legend.

He really may be one of the ten greatest players of all time.

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