A Red Sox resurgence

Courtesy of Baseball Wiki. Big Papi (David Ortiz) and the Boston Red Sox bats have come alive in the month of May. After a horrific 0 and 6 start to the year, Boston now sits atop the mighty AL East.

By Josh Kramer

Many remember Boston’s infamous start to this season.  And if you don’t, well you have some real short-term memory.  To catch you up to speed.  They began the year 0 and 6 (2 and 10 after 12 games).  Beantown was ready to riot about a month ago due to Boston’s horrific start out of the gate.  I remember watching it and being a bit surprised.  But I also remember thinking, it is still very early.  And this team is entirely too talented not to be in the thick of things come October.

Maybe my panic meter was not ready to go off due to the fact that I am not a die-hard Sox fan?  Either way, for all of the Red Sox haters out there, I hate to say that I saw this coming

Don’t forget that the Sox won 89 games last year with one of the most injury-decimated rosters in the history of the game.  Not only does this year’s team have a higher talent level than last year’s, they are also healthy.

When looking at Boston, you must be realistic.  This team sports the following lineup:

Ellsbury, Pedroia, Gonzalez, Youkilis, Ortiz, Crawford, Sutton, Drew, Varitek

Now look at that lineup closely.  Runs galore?  I think so.

In addition, their pitching unit isn’t to shabby either.  I mean the top 3 are Beckett, Lester, and Buckholz.  A pretty solid rotation with the potential to be a great rotation.

Teams stumble out of the gates in all sports.  One of the defining features of baseball that separates it from other sports is the always fun slump.  Guys go through slumps.  It happens.  Hitting a baseball is one of the hardest things to do in sports.  Well in Boston’s case, outside of Adrian Gonzalez, the entire team began the year in a horrible slump.  Luckily for Boston, the MLB season is a whopping 162 games.  It is a six-month saga.  Every team experiences lows.  And most teams also experience highs.  As for Boston, they experienced an all time low to begin the year.  And a month later, that horrible start seems to be long forgotten.

Currently, Boston is on a five-game winning streak and holds a two-game lead in the mighty AL East.  They have the 2nd most runs in the American League, the 3rd most HRs, and the highest batting average.  It is safe to say that the bats have awoken.  Maybe Boston just needed a kick in the butt to get this team ready to play ball.  Or maybe they just needed a little caffeine.  Whatever happened, it worked.

Now Boston is the hottest team in baseball outside of Arizona, and appear to be on their way to a triumphant return to the playoffs.  And for all of the Boston fans out there, patience is a virtue.

Hard to believe how much things can change in just a month’s time.

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportsKraze.

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