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By Josh Kramer Many remember Boston’s infamous start to this season.  And if you don’t, well you have some real short-term memory.  To catch you up to speed.  They began the year 0 and 6 (2 and 10 after 12 games).  … Continue reading

Stanley Cup finals preview: Canucks have inside track to lift first Cup in franchise history

By Nick Craddock

TheSportsKraze is officially an international enterprise now that I, fair-haired Canadian Nick Craddock, have signed on to be a contributing writer for this blog. Naturally, there’s no better to way commence my blogging than with a post on the NHL. And lo and behold, the Stanley Cup finals begin Wednesday!

Without further adieu, here’s a preview of what to look for in this series between the Boston Bruins and Vancouver Canucks:

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Maria Sharapova eyes career Grand Slam

(Photo courtesy dailynews.com)

By Josh Kramer

We have hit the 4th round of this year’s French Open.  And the talk of the tournament at this point, other than Nadal’s relentless pursuit of Bjorn Borg and Djokovic’s chase of  the #1 ranking/historical win streak, has to be the absolute “madness” on the women’s side of the draw.

Anybody who claims they saw both Wozniacki and Clijsters going down by the end of Round 3 is full of it.  These two women were the top ranked players on tour for a reason. Admittedly, the depth of the Women’s tour at this time is scarily weak.  With the recent health issues for the Williams sisters and the 2nd retirement of Justine Henin (no she is not Brett Favre), nobody has really stepped up to the plate.

It is hard for me to say, but there is not really a whole lot of fan appeal to the Women’s game at this time.  People say they love parity in sports, and they do.  But do you really love a Tour where there is really no big names?  Nobody that really stands out? Continue reading