“Food for Thought 5-24-11”

Derrick Rose (pictured above) has played like the MVP he is all year long. Game 3 in Miami though demonstrated that the MVP can be stopped, or at least slowed down at times.

It is hard to ignore all of the excitement going on in the sporting world.  Narrowing my thoughts to a few key items is very difficult.  We have playoff action going on in 2 of the professional sporting leagues, MLB baseball, the 2nd Tennis Grand Slam of the year, great Ray Lewis interview, and more.

Here are the main items that have caught my attention.

Ray Lewis Never Disappoints

It is no secret that Baltimore Raven’s Linebacker Ray Lewis is one of the greatest, if not the greatest linebacker of all time.  As Lewis prepares for his 16th season with the Ravens, his legend continues to grow.  I mean there is not much else this guy can do on the field.

-12 Pro Bowl Appearances

-3 time AFC Defensive Player of the Year

-2 time NFL Defensive Player of the Year

-Super Bowl Champion

-Super Bowl MVP

And I could go on.  But one thing that goes sorely unnoticed at times is Ray’s uncanny ability to give a great interview.  Ray Lewis has never been a man who is afraid to speak his mind.  I mean the guy got away with murder, or that is the perception by the majority of the country.  He is nearly on the OJ Simpson level of a professional athlete who has eluded being convicted by the US Court System.  The man is a legend.  Everything he does, he does it with a maximum effort level.

Here is a link to his most recent interview with ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio.


Here are my initial thoughts.  Ray’s points are a bit outlandish, yet at the same time, are not totally unrealistic.  People do worship these NFL players and plan their Sunday schedules around the NFL schedule.  Now would crime necessarily pick up?  I really have no way to answer that without concrete facts.  But I do know that Ray is right in his statement of, “There’s nothing else to do, Sal.”  Sundays in America would be extremely boring and lackluster come the Fall and Winter months if there was no NFL Action.  Luckily, I do think there will be a season.  The NFL is at the pinnacle of its popularity and there is entirely too much money involved for the owners and players to let the season not occur.

But if it does not occur.  I would be very curious to see crime stats.  What if Ray Lewis is correct in his sentiment?  Lets hope it does not come to that.

A 22-year-old Deer in Headlights

Chicago is a great team and very deserving of their number 1 seed in the Eastern Conference.  Derrick Rose has had a phenomenal season and is definitely this year’s MVP.  But last night, for the first time all year, Rose looked like a deer in headlights.  He looked defeated in a way.  Now if you look at the initial stat line, it was not much worse than a typical Derrick Rose night.  But if you watched the game closely, it appears Miami has finally figured out how to execute operation “Shut Down Derrick Rose.”

It took all year, but there appears to finally be a team that has figured out how to neutralize the 22 year old’s apparent super human powers.  Since Game 1, Miami has dominated Chicago and appears to be on their way to the NBA Finals.  Rose needs help from his teammates.  Last night, he scored 20 points on 8 of 19 shooting.  Not a bad night.  But his demeanor appeared different.  He had the look of a worried man.

And to be honest, he has reason to be worried.  His team is struggling to keep up with Miami’s Terrific Trifecta.  Now the series is not over yet, but the end appears near.  Coach Thibodeau must develop a new strategy that enables his star player to relax and his team to find some easy scoring attempts.  I thought Chicago was the team with the best defense in the League.  Miami appears to be the superior offensive and defensive team thus far in this series.

The bright lights are shining right in the eyes of Chicago’s young superstar.  Will Rose be able to bounce back and get his team back in the series come Game 5?  Or will he look like a “deer in headlights” as he did in the 4th Quarter of Game 4?

Just some “Food for Thought.”

Let me hear your thoughts though.  Please comment below with any questions or insights that you may have or shoot me an email at contact@thesportskraze.com.

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportsKraze.



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