“Weekly Nickel”

Barry Melrose (pictured above) is the face of Hockey at ESPN these days. Expect the playoff excitement to continue with some great Conference Semi-Final matchups.

It is another top of the week in the wide world of sports.  Last week was absolutely ludicrous from start to the dramatic finish in New York with the always entertaining NFL Draft.  How couldn’t you enjoy the constant back and forth of Mel Kiper and Jon Gruden?  It was pure entertainment.

Lets take a look at the top 5 for this upcoming week.

5.  What is next in College Football?  With spring practice and the always action packed NFL Draft complete, many teams sit and wait.  And we already know that no new bowl games will be added for the next 3 years.  We can thank the Fiesta Bowl Executives for that fact.  Though I will admit that I am fine with the number of bowl games that there currently are.  If anything, there should be less in my eyes.  So keep an eye on your respective teams as they prep for the Fall.  This lull period is where many teams have players lose focus and get into trouble due to off field incidents.  Just hope that your team has none of these mishaps and remains focused.

4.  Sunday is a date that you all should be circling on your calendars if you are a fan of a major College Basketball program.  May 8th is the final day where players have the option to remove themselves from the Draft pool.  And for a few teams, the choice of one guy either to stay in the draft or remain in school could be the difference between a Final Four next year or a 2nd Round exit.  Teams like Kentucky and Michigan are anxiously awaiting the final decisions of some of their young rising stars.

3.  The “Greatest 2 Minutes” in sports resumes for a 137th time this weekend.  Yes, I am talking about the always wild Kentucky Derby.  Churchill Downs will be the happening place to be this weekend whether you like sports or not.  I will admit that I would much rather watch a basketball game or a baseball game.  But that is just me.  People love horse racing.  People love gambling.  People love to party.  And people just love the overall mystique of this very historical sporting event that comes to Louisville every year.  So make sure to tune in and enjoy this crazy event on Saturday.

2.  The NHL Playoffs have been simply amazing up to this point.  Whether you are a fan of hockey or not, you have to admit the entertainment factor of this year’s playoffs has been at an all time high.  I wonder if Matthew Barnaby and Barry Melrose are already in need of pacemakers.  I mean 4 of the 8 first round series went 7 games.  Talk about a competitive League.  And honestly in the Conference Semi-Finals, every series could go either way.  There are no clear-cut favorites at this point. 

Philadelphia Flyers vs Boston Bruins:  This is the most  historical series hands down probably of the entire playoffs, or at least of this round.  These are two teams with very similar pedigrees, who play a similar brand of hockey.  They both have explosive offensive units, while Boston also sports the best defensive unit in the Eastern Conference.  Remember the saying defense wins championships.  In this very evenly matched series, it will be the difference maker.  I am taking Boston in 7.

1.  I know the NHL Playoffs playoffs have been good, but the NBA Playoffs have made me consider calling this month, “April Madness,” and March, “The Pre Madness.”  Maybe I won’t go that far, but the NBA Playoffs have been nearly as exciting to this point as America’s best sporting event, the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.  Now I realize that there were no 7 game series in Round 1.  But there were plenty of down to the wire finishes.  Well strap in, because Round 2 is sure to be even better.  The marquee matchup of the Conference Semi-Finals starts today in Miami.

Boston Celtics at Miami Heat:  People have been clamoring and waiting for this playoff matchup since the epic “Decision” was made.  Well now they got it.  And it should be a great one with both teams playing their best basketball at the right time.  James, Wade, and nearly the entire Heat roster want to exact some revenge on a Boston team that has owned the majority of them, and their former teams in the playoffs over the past few years.  Well sadly for Heat Trifecta, revenge will not happen.  Or at least not this year.  I realize that Boston made a major mistake in getting rid of Kendrick Perkins.  But they still are a great team, that is more than capable of handling a Heat team that is a “year away” from greatness.  This is the final year of Boston’s “Big Three Era.”  Miami’s era of the “Big Three” is just beginning.  The Celtic’s experience and toughness will prove too much for a very talented Heat team.  Look for Boston to win in 6.

So there you have a look at the week ahead.  Playoffs, horse racing, playoffs, and playoffs will define this week.  It should be a great one.

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportsKraze.


2 responses to ““Weekly Nickel”

  1. “I realize that Boston made a major mistake in getting rid of Kendrick Perkins.”

    If you worked in the Celtics front office, you’d be the only guy who gets that.

    • JW,
      Sadly, you are right. Perkins presence alone could have helped the C’s against the Heat or any team for that matter.


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