“Bengals Draft Recap”

Our very own Grant Freking thinks that Andy Dalton (pictured above) will start from Day 1 in Cincinnati. Will he become the new face of the Bengal's organization?

Grant Freking is a Lantern (OSU Newspaper) sports writer. Ology magazine managing editor. OSU football featured columnist for Bleacher Report. High school football reporter for Newark Advocate.  You can follow him on Twitter @GrantFreking.

What to like: Andy Dalton and A.J. Green

These two represent the future of the franchise. Both will likely start from Day One (provided the Bengals don’t sign another quarterback) and represent a new era in Cincinnati, which also means that the Carson and Chad era has ended. While Dalton isn’t excellent in any physical area, he does possess great intangibles and decision-making abilities in crunch time. Green is a physical freak of nature who has fly-catcher hands. He doesn’t have top-end speed but that should be negated by the presence of speedster Jerome Simpson on the opposite side of the field in addition to Jordan Shipley in the slot.

What not to like: lack of depth on offensive and defensive line, safety

Georgia guard/tackle Clint Boling was the Bengals only pick on either offensive or defensive line, areas where the Bengals are in desperate need of talent and depth. Cincinnati’s offensive line is particularly weak outside of left tackle Andrew Whitworth. Left guard Nate Livings is below bar, the jury is still out on center Kyle Cook and right tackle Andre Smith, and right guard Bobbie Williams is aging fast.

On the other side of the ball, despite the rise of Carlos Dunlap, Geno Atkins and Michael Johnson, the Bengals need more pass-rushing help. Pat Sims and Domata Peko are solid run-stuffers but don’t penetrate the pocket.

The safety position is in shambles. Roy Williams is a free agent and won’t be back, nor should the Bengals want him back. Chinedum Ndukwe is also a free agent, which leaves Reggie Nelson as the lone cog at safety. That’s a problem.

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5 responses to ““Bengals Draft Recap”

  1. I really hope the Bengals don’t screw up the Dalton pick. I fear they will throw him to the wolves as a rookie quarterback, and Cincy doesn’t exactly have a stellar track record with that…

    • JW,
      He may have to get thrown to the wolves as a rookie unfortunately the way things are shaping up. Generally you want to avoid starting a rookie QB at all costs. Sadly, the majority of teams that draft a QB really need one. So they can get thrown into the fire pretty quickly.


  2. That’s true, sadly. But if you were the Bengals GM, would you consider protecting your investment by signing a “disposable” QB – meaning a low-cost vet who can bear the brunt of leading a bad team while you groom Dalton for the future?

  3. Looks like the Bengals got it right. They need to keep listening to my advice.

    Raiders keep losing and the Bengals could be in for another top 10 pick next year. Check out my big board to see who they should take.

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