“Don’t Be Blinded by the Hype”

Colorado shortstop Troy Tulowitzki (pictured above) is on pace for an MVP type of season. He is one of a good few guys that finally seem to be realizing their potential.

Though we are not even a full month into the MLB Season, there are so many exciting storylines already in this brief season.  But one storyline has really stood out to me.

The emerging stars upon us.  Many guys look to be on their way to career seasons.  There are two in particular that really stand out to me that are worth being noted.

1.  Troy Tulowitzki, SS, Rockies:

Troy Tulowitzki, the fifth year shortstop for the Colorado Rockies appears to be on his way to an MVP caliber season.  Granted there are still over five months to play, but it is safe to say that this guy has begun to really realize his potential.  Currently Tulo, as many call the Colorado shortstop, is batting .343, has 7 HRs, and 14 RBIs.  This places him at 12th in the NL in batting average, 1st in HRs, and 4th in RBIs.  Not to mention the guy has been throwing some serious leather at shortstop.  Many have felt this guy was destined to be a perennial All Star that could bring home an MVP Award at some point.  Well that time appears to be now.  Keep an eye on the Rockie’s star, who currently has led his squad to the best record in all of baseball up to this point.

2.  Howie Kendrick, 2B, Angels

Kendrick is another fifth year player like Tulowitzki who has had a lot of hype up until this point in his career.  Many have expected big things, and the guy has yet to really consistently deliver over the course of an entire season.  Well this year, the inconsistency and growing pains appear to have come to a close.  Currently, the Angel’s 2B is batting .288, has 5 HRs, and 8 RBIs.  Kendrick has never hit more than 10 HRS or drove in more than 75 RBIs during a season up to this point in his career.  He is on pace to end up with 45 HRs this year.  Keep a close eye on Kendrick, who looks to be on his way to the first monster season of his career.

Other guys to keep a close watch on:

Matt Wieters, Catcher, Orioles

Maicer Izturis, 3B, Angels

Kevin Correia, P, Pirates

Aaron Harang, P, Padres

Remember the saying “Don’t be blinded by the hype.”  Well Kendrick, Tulo, and others seem to have removed the blindfold and look to be in for career seasons if they remain healthy.

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportsKraze.



5 responses to ““Don’t Be Blinded by the Hype”

  1. No mention of Sam Fuld, huh?

  2. Some say it’s overblown, but I’ll still take Heyward for the Braves. Once that idiot manager moves him up in the order he’ll be in the running for an all-star spot in his second year.

    • Pat,
      Jason is definitely ready to move up in the lineup. I see it happening in the very near future. Kid has all the ability in the world.


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