“Get the Man a Cape”

Dwight Howard (pictured above) has put on 2 consecutive Superman like performances in the early going of the postseason. Can he continue on his recent tear and lead the Magic back to the NBA Finals?

It appears Superman has officially landed in Florida.  And no I am not talking about Clark Kent or any of the Miami Heat terrific trifecta.  I am talking about none other than the man people have referred to as “Superman” for years now.

I admit that I have never been the biggest fan of Dwight Howard.  I never have disliked the guy.  But I have never rode on his bandwagon.  I always have felt that the Orlando big man seemed to love controversy with fellow players (Shaq namely) and the media.  He always seemed to be a big jokester that never had the focus and determination of a Kobe Bryant.  My perception of the big fella is beginning to change for the better, and in a hurry. Sure he has been a force to be reckoned with in the League for 6 years now and has taken the Magic to the NBA Finals.  But never has he put on the type of performances he is amassing in the early going of this postseason.  The man looks to be on a mission.  He looks to have a Kobe type of fire.

I realize that many are overlooking this intriguing 4/5 matchup due to the fact that there has been madness out West thus far, and teams like the Bulls and Celtics have been pushed to the wire at times.  But wake up people. Upsets will come and go.  Who can remember anyone putting on dynamic playoff performances like this in recent memory?  Sure Kobe has been Mr. June in the NBA for a good few years now, but outside of Kobe and Jordan, who can you honestly remember putting up the numbers that Howard is stacking?  There is truly something special brewing in Orlando.

Lets take a closer look:

Game 1:  46 points, 19 rebounds, 46 minutes played, and 70% shooting from the field

Game 2:  33 points, 19 rebounds, 48 minutes played, and 75% shooting from the field

The man is on an absolute tear and has decided to “fly” in the playoffs.  His regular season stats were nothing to be ashamed of either.

Regular Season Stats:  22.9 PPG, 14.1 RPG, 59.3% Field Goal percentage

The great ones step up in the postseason.  And that is exactly what Dwight is doing.  Sure the Magic are tied 1 to 1 as they get ready to head to Atlanta.  But Howard has literally and metaphorically put the team on his back, doing all  in his power to advance to Round 2.

Name me a guy on any team in the playoffs that can stop this guy when he is on the way he has been.  Really all that needs to happen next is Stan Van Gundy needs to get his star a Cape.

I would not be surprised to see Howard fly at some point in Game 3.  The man is putting on an Oscar worthy “Superman” impression.

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportsKraze.


3 responses to ““Get the Man a Cape”

  1. Can Dwight Howard lead the Magic into the finals? In a word, no. The looming labor issue in the NBA notwithstanding, what he can do is continue to audition for the next team he plays for; the one that can be taken to the Finals.

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