“Food for Thought 4-19-11”

Cincinnati Reds 2nd year starting pitcher Mike Leake (pictured above) made one of the more bonehead decisions in recent memory. What could have been the reasoning and what will be the consequences?

It’s another Tuesday in the sporting world.  Playoffs are going on in the professional sporting realm.  The MLB Regular Season is heating up.  And College Basketball players are finally passing up on the next level due to an uncertain future.

Here is a look at some of the main headlines.

Show Me a More Bonehead Move

If you live in Cincinnati, and you are not living under a rock, you are probably well aware at this point regarding the Mike Leake shenanigans.  The 23-year-old 2nd year starting pitching for the Reds has allegedly committed one of the most bizarre acts in recent memory.  Mike Leake was arrested due to a shoplifting charge of 6 shirts, totaling in value of $59.88.  6 shirts for $59.88! Is this a joke?  I thought April Fool’s was a few weeks ago?

Lets really think about this scenario.  Mike Leake is a 23-year-old right-handed pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds raking in $425,000 in salary alone this year.  How many 23 year olds do you personally know who are bringing in that type of salary?  How many people in general can you think of raking in that type of paper even at the pinnacle of their careers?  In addition, the merchandise Leake was attempting to steal cost an average of $9.98 per item.  A little less than $10 shirts.  Leake is projected to throw over 173 innings this year.  That means he is projected to make about $2,457 per inning of work this year.  Major League pitchers on average throw right around 15 pitches an inning.  Continuing with the math equation we have going, Leake is making nearly $164 dollars a pitch (now this is an estimate).  But I think you get the point..

What business did the Red’s 2nd year pitcher have in trying to steal $59.88 worth of merchandise?  I am no doctor but could he be a kleptomaniac?  I certainly hope not.  Cincinnati could really use this young pitcher to perform if they want any hope of repeating in the Central.

Please somebody share a more bonehead decision by an athlete that they can think of in recent memory.  I can promise it will be a challenge.

Uncertainty of NBA Paying Dividends for the College Game

Today Harrison Barnes announced that he will be returning to Chapel Hill for another go.  In a recent and somewhat unusual trend, big time College players who look to be sure-fire Lottery Draft picks are deciding to stay in school.  Sullinger, Jones, Zeller, and Barnes have all decided to continue their “studies.”  Who could be next on to stay on the merry-go-round?

Either way, I have to admit that I like seeing some of these guys staying in school.  Their talents will only increase the overall level of the College Game and create an even more exciting regular season and tournament.  Many have complained about the College game lacking a real “elite” team over the past couple of years.  Well I will tell you this much.  Teams like UNC, Kentucky, and possibly even Ohio State will be elite in 2011/2012.

So I pose another question for you when thinking about this topic.  Do you think that the old rule should be put back into place where players had the option to leap straight to the pros out of high school?  Or do you think that the rule should be amended forcing players to be removed from high school for 2 years before they can make the leap to the League?  Or finally, do you like the rule the way that it currently is?

I for one would like to see the rule go back to the way it once was.  But that is just me.  Either way, the uncertainty of the future of the NBA is improving the future of College Basketball little by little.

Just some “Food for Thought.”

Let me hear your thoughts though.  Please comment below with any questions or insights that you may have or shoot me an email at contact@thesportskraze.com.

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportsKraze.



2 responses to ““Food for Thought 4-19-11”

  1. The rule needs to be 2+ years, or have no rule at all. Whats the point of keeping the kid around for only one year?

    I would argue, for the betterment of the game(both NBA and college) and for the kid’s bell being, that the rule should be 3(or maybe 21 years of age..?) but we all know that won’t happen.

    I like the dollar per pitch analysis kraze. keep it up.

    • Pat,
      In regards to the rule, it either has to be increased, or go back to the old way. The current rule is taking away from the College Game. I appreciate the compliments on the dollar per pitch analysis.

      Hope all is well.


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