“Food for Thought 4-12-11”

Even though Boston has slid into the 3 seed in the East, I think in the last year of the "Big 3" in Beantown, they still will win the Eastern Conference.

After the crazy week that was in sports, there is so much to talk about.  So much going on.  And the fun is just beginning.  Both the NBA and NHL playoffs are right around the corner, while the MLB is already starting to heat up.

Here is a look into some of the main headlines that have caught my attention.

More Trouble in Beantown?

After the horrific 0 and 6 start for Boston’s beloved Red Sox it looked like things could only get better.  And for a second, things were getting better.  Boston took 2 of 3 from the hated Yankees.  But sadly, things are progressing back for the worse.  Tampa laid perhaps the worst beating of the season thus far on the Red Sox last night, 16 to 5.  And  turning to Boston basketball, the Celtics, a team that many picked preseason to represent the East in the NBA Finals (including myself) has now fallen into the shaky 3 seed.

But today I am not focused on the Red Sox.  The team is 2 and 8.  Still 152 games to go.  On to the next topic at hand.  What is going on with the Celtics?  Not only did they take a beating from a team that they had owned in their previous meetings (the Heat), but they have lost any prayer of securing the 1 or 2 seed.  Sadly Boston, a heavy favorite to win the East, is now looking at a 2nd round matchup where they will not have home court advantage.  The C’s are a great home team, as are most of the NBA’s elite, but they have been mediocre on the road at best. Sporting a mark of 23 and 18 on the year.

Come Round 2, could they handle Miami in a best of 7 series where they do not have the luxury of playing a Game 7 at the Garden?  I am going to give a definitive answer. 

Yes they can.

The Celtics are struggling right now.  Really, the city of Boston as a whole is struggling on the athletic front.  But you can’t underestimate the importance of playoff experience.  Sure home court is very important.  All teams play better in front of a home crowd.  But playoff experience is the intangible that Boston possesses over not only the Heat, but the Bulls as well.  This is probably the last year of the “Big 3 (Pierce, Allen, Garnett) Era” in Beantown.  So enjoy it while it lasts C’s fans.  Both Miami and Chicago, though they have had outstanding seasons are a year away in my eyes.  Next year, the East will come down to the Heat and Bulls.  This year, it is still Boston’s for the taking, with or without home court.

Kemba Show a Main Attraction in the Pros?

Okay its official.  Every team but one in the College Basketball world is breathing a major sigh of relief today.  The “Kemba Show” has decided to forgo his senior season, and take his talents to the next level.  I will admit.  When I saw Walker play in person, I was not wowed. I could tell the guy could play without a doubt.  But I was not sold on him being a star in the League.  Even after his amazing March this year, I am still not entirely sold.

Walker is an amazing athlete.  He possesses phenomenal quickness.  He has extraordinary body control, especially when in the air.  And lastly, he looks to have that “Kobe Like” winning mentality.  But do you see him being the next Deron Williams, Chris Paul, or Russell Westbrook?  I think a more comparable player would be someone like Brandon Jennings.  He will have a solid NBA career where he is a starter for over 10 years.  I just do not see him as one of the elite PG’s in the League.  It has nothing to do with his skill set.  I just do not see him ever hitting the elite level of the game’s top point guards.  He may be an All Star one day.  But do not expect him to be next year’s Rookie of the Year or be invited to an All Star Game within the next few years.

Early College Football Favorites

I realized I mentioned this in yesterday’s post, but with Spring College Football in full swing, I got to provide some early thoughts.  LSU and Stanford are both National Championship contenders.  There is no doubt about it.  LSU appears to be “the team” in the SEC this year, which generally translates to a National Championship.  Stanford appears to be solid on both sides of the ball and is being led by the best player in all of College Football, Andrew Luck.  I realize that Oregon will be very good, and the loss of Coach Harbaugh and his staff will hurt, but if you take away a horrible 4th quarter in Eugene, Stanford may have been playing for the National Title last year.  And you saw what they did to Virginia Tech in the Orange Bowl.  I will provide more definitive predictions and preseason rankings at a later date. 

 Two names to remember though.  First of all Mr. Andrew Luck (most of you already know this one) of Stanford.  Luck appears to be the front-runner to take home the Heisman and looks to have a limitless potential.  And the second name is one that most of you have never heard of yet, but you will recognize it soon enough.  Spencer Ware, a running back for LSU.  Ware appears ready to ease into the starting role after the departure of former Tiger star, Steven Ridley, for the NFL, and looks to only be getting better following his breakout performance in last year’s Cotton Bowl.  Both of these players appear to have special seasons ahead of them.

Just some “Food for Thought.”

Let me hear your thoughts though.  Please comment below with any questions or insights that you may have or shoot me an email at contact@thesportskraze.com.

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportsKraze.


4 responses to ““Food for Thought 4-12-11”

  1. It’s early (I’m so tired of saying that), but clearly there are pitching problems. Dice-K? Not going to be fixed. Add on an unfamiliar catcher and a new pitching coach and we’ve got issues.

    • Toosoxy,
      I see where you are coming from, but 10 games in is 10 games in. The Red Sox are very talented without question. With their lineup, pitching issues should not be too big of a deal. Yes, I realize that pitching is normally the key to a championship, but in Boston’s case, they have an amazing lineup that can make up for mediocre pitching.

      We will know a lot more in a few months.


  2. The C’s don’t need home-court advantage. Home court advantage in the NBA playoffs is overstated. The team that has home-court advantage has a better record and is usually a better team.


    • Deron,
      Good looking blog you got. I do not fully agree with your analysis, but it is somewhat well thought out. Many teams in the playoffs are very evenly matched and finished within a couple of games of each other. Game 7, with the crowd on your side does matter. Look at team’s records throughout the regular season. Every team is dramatically better at home.

      Just because it is the playoffs, does not mean home court advantage just disappears.


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