Panic Time in Beantown?

Many thought Boston would be a frontrunner to win the World Series this year, due in large part to the huge offseason acquisitions of Carl Crawford (left) and Adrian Gonzalez (right).

There are currently only two teams in all of Major League Baseball that we can call “defeated.”  Otherwise known as, “winless.”  Surprisingly, both of these teams are perennial playoff teams that reside in what most, including myself, consider the best division in all of baseball.

Were we all too high on the mighty AL East?

Tampa currently sits at 0 and 5.  While the team that Sports Illustrated and most baseball experts picked to win not only the American League, but the World Series, sports the worst record in baseball.  Yes, the Boston Red Sox, the team with the most potent and dangerous lineup in all of baseball sits at 0 and 6.

Is it time to press the panic button in Beantown?

How many games are in an MLB Season?  162 right?  Boston has completed a little less than 4 percent of their games and people act as if the world is ending.  SportsCenter is providing stories on why history is against the Red Sox.  Most internet sites are calling the Red Sox a fraud.  And if you forget what a fraud is, just ask Colin Cowherd what the term means.

Well I am not playing into it, yet.  Sure the BoSox supposedly unstoppable offense has only scored 16 runs on the year, which is tied for second worse in the American League.  Sure Boston’s supposedly, “very solid” pitching staff has given up the second most runs in all of baseball.  38 to be exact, which translates to a little over six runs a game.  Even in Little League, giving up six runs a game is not part of a winning formula.  But they have only played six games.  It is a six month marathon for a reason.

Here is a few things to consider though when analyzing Boston’s disastrous start to the year.  First of all, they have played all 6 of their games so far on the road, outside of their lovely home field,  Fenway Park.  Some teams take a little while to learn how to win on the road.  Others take the entire year and still cannot win games on the road.  Secondly, only one guy on the team is batting over 300 at this point.  You know guys like Kevin Youkilis, Dustin Pedroia, and Carl Crawford did not just forget how to hit the ball.  Hitting is like riding a bike for most of these guys.  Sadly for Boston, nearly the entire lineup is slumping at the same time (never a good thing).  Thirdly, this year’s team is healthy.  Last year’s less talented squad, dealt with more injuries than I can ever remember a team having to cope with.  And they still won 89 games.  Not too shabby for a team that was missing at least a 3rd of their starting lineup the entire year.

So as much as I am loving watching the Red Sox stumble out of the gates, it is not panic time yet.  Luckily for Boston, they get to head home to the perfect remedy.  A 3 day date with their oldest friend, the New York Yankees, at the lovely confines of Fenway Park.  If Boston is still winless after this 10 game home stretch, then you can hit the panic button.  But for now, have no fear Red Sox Nation.

There are still 156 more games left to make some moves.

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportsKraze.



13 responses to “Panic Time in Beantown?

  1. The Red Sox have too much talent to not be around at the end. Look at the other side of the same coin – Are the Reds going to win 140 games? Probably not…

    • JW,
      I agree with both of those points. We will learn a lot about the Red Sox during this 10 game homestand which starts later today..


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