“NCAA March Madness Preview Part II: BRACKETOLOGY”

Take a look at the official March Madness selections from TheSportsKraze…

Here is a brief synopsis of each region.


This region is absolutely loaded.  I could see any of the top 4 seeds punching a ticket to Houston.  That is not something you could say for the other regions (other than the Southeast, due to a lack of talent at the top).  I am sticking with my preseason pick of the Buckeyes to be dancing all the way to Houston.  Come April 4th, Thad and his outstanding Buckeye team will be cutting down the nets. Though I will state, UNC, Syracuse, or Kentucky are all playing good enough basketball at this time to sneak into the Final Four.


The rumors are true.  Kyrie Irving will be back for the tournament.  And I will state, even if KI is just at 50% (which I am sure he is much healthier than that), he will make the Blue Devils a deeper and more talented team.  Sadly for Duke though, they do not have Kemba Walker.  I see Kemba willing a tough Connecticut squad to the Final Four even on tired legs after an exhausting Big East Tournament (5 games in 5 days).  This region’s Elite Eight matchup could be of epic proportions if it plays out between the Blue Devils and the Huskies.


Rock Chalk Jayhawk.  This region will be no walk in the park for Kansas.  But Kansas might be playing the best basketball of any team in the country right now.  I will state that I see 3 Big East teams (ND, UofL, and Gtown) making their way to the Sweet 16 in this region.  Sadly though, none of these teams have quite enough in the tank to upset a very good Kansas team.  There will be no Northern Iowa moments as Kansas books a trip to Houston.


As I have already said multiple times before, this will be by far the wackiest region of them all.  Their top seeds are the weakest.  Yet their bottom seeds, such as Utah St. at 12 and Belmont at 13 are very strong.  You tell me what that spells?  Upset City baby.  I am going with the Badgers to utilize their experience and disciplined version of basketball to stamp their ticket to Houston.  I will admit that I am a little shaky on this pick.  I could see any of the top 6 seeds in this region in Houston come April 2nd.  The Badgers just seem like the most logical choice to me.

Make sure to score your brackets against mine.  This year’s March Madness should be one for the record books.  It even started out with a bang in the form of an Overtime thriller last night.

It is the most wonderful time of the year.

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportsKraze.



5 responses to ““NCAA March Madness Preview Part II: BRACKETOLOGY”

  1. I think your overlooking San Diego state in the west. They’ll easily make the sweet 16 and will have a massive home court advantage over both uconn and duke in anaheim.

    • Matt,
      I definitely could be. But who did SDSU beat this year? Gonzaga very early on before they turned into the team they are now, and an undermanned BYU team once. They may be solid and the home court should help, but they have not proven much yet.

      Leonard is a great player though and will be fun to watch.


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