“Not Entirely Sold on Miami”

This image of Chris Bosh from a few days ago was long forgotten tonight. Do not expect to see another Bosh press conference like this anytime soon.

This image of Chris Bosh from a few days ago was long forgotten tonight. Do not expect to see another Bosh press conference like this anytime soon.

I will admit that I am very surprised by tonight’s outcome of the marquee NBA matchup.  I fully expected the Lakers to win and even predicted it on this very blog.  I was wrong.  It is unusual for Los Angeles to not show up for a big game.  Much less show up for the 4th Quarter.  I guess the Heat have their number.  Or maybe it was just Miami’s time to win a ballgame and LA’s time to lose.  Luckily for the Lake Show, they would not have to face the Miami Trifecta until the NBA Finals.  And lets be real, at this point, I can’t see Miami getting through Boston or Chicago.

But the real story of tonight’s game in my eyes.  Chris Bosh finally showed up.  The man wanted the ball.  Well tonight, he got it.  He got to take as many shots as even the King himself, Mr. James.  17 shot attempts is a good number for Chris.  Bosh is an effective scorer who can score in a plethora of ways as he demonstrated on this evening.  In the 4 games prior to this, Bosh had not put up more than 15 shots in a contest.

Now I will admit, I was always taught that whining was not the way to get what you wanted.  Bosh whined, and got what he wanted.  I guess that is the difference between Chris and the typical guy like myself.  Bosh is a star athlete that makes millions of dollars to play ball and gets millions of dollars in endorsements every year.  Does not sound too shabby to me.  Hopefully there will be no more crying outbursts aytime soon. 

As for an outlook on the Heat in general. A 5 game losing streak was very unexpected for Miami.  A 6 game losing streak would have been ludicrous.  I will admit that the media and the public are very critical of Miami.  There is a definite bulls eye on this team’s back.  It is as if they are the team that has won back to back titles.  Maybe they shouldn’t have thrown a celebration as if they had won a championship before the season even has started.  A wild idea I know.  Just ask Stan Van Gundy for his thoughts on this.  You know he is never afraid to speak his mind.

But Miami will be fine.  The media blew this losing streak way out of proportion.  But by being fine, I do not mean that they will win the title.  This team does not have a point guard.  They do not have a big time post presence.  And they do not have enough depth to win the title, much less the East.  Moves will need to be made this offseason to make this the team to beat in the East.

As for LA, people will make much more of this loss than they should.  That is what happens when you are the 2 time defending champions.   The difference between LA and Miami is that the Lakers are accustomed to dealing with harsh criticism and know how to handle it. Also, the Lakers know what to do come April, May, and June.  Beware of the 3 peat.  I still see it happening.

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportsKraze.


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