“Food for Thought 1-25-11”

Could any of you see the Yankee Captain Derek Jeter (pictured above) playing anywhere but shortstop? Yankee General Manager Brian Cashman does.

It is another Momentous Tuesday in the wide world of sports and you all know what that means.  It is time for my weekly “Food for Thought.”  So lets jump right into some of the major headlines.

Cash needs to put his money where his mouth is

-Yankee GM Brian Cashman is at it again.  Today, he once again voiced an opinion that was extremely unnecessary to share with the public.  He stated that he would be surprised to see Yankee Captain Derek Jeter playing shortstop by the end of his newly signed 3 year extension.  He stated that he would not be surprised to see Jeter playing center field by the end of the contract.  Is this something you say about your shortstop of the past 16 years, that is coming off his 5th Gold Glove Season?

Give me a break.  Cashman is making a habit of this.  Just over a week ago, he made some snide remarks regarding the major acquisition of Rafael Soriano.  He made sure to state on a public forum, “I didn’t recommend the deal..I didn’t think it was an efficient way to allocate the remaining resources we have..”  I think Cashman running his mouth in a negative manner is not an efficient way to utilize the resources that the most storied franchise in sports has.  Regardless of your beliefs on deals, you never speak in a negative light on a new pick up to your team.  Positivity is contagious baby.

Lastly, Cashman also stated today that he thinks Boston has the better team, but the Yankees have the better bullpen.  Make up your mind Cashman.  I thought you were against the Soriano pickup?  And is the guy really going to say that he thinks the Red Sox have the stronger ball club? Statements like this by the Yankee GM are probably making the late George Steinbrenner turn over in his grave.

An Instigator in Illinois?

-One of the major storylines in the sporting world today relates to a car salesman in Illinois who wore a Green Bay Packer’s tie to work. By the end of the day he was fired.  The salesman, John Stone, refused to take the tie off, and his boss gave him the boot, just like the Packers gave the Bears the boot from the NFL playoffs.  Initially, when this story broke, I thought the boss had a lot of explaining to do.

Now this situation has blown up into a “he said, she said” hissy fit.  Sounds to me like Mr. Stone is thirsting for some national attention.  Well he got it.  Stone’s boss claims to have asked Stone to remove the tie 5 times.  Stone claims to have only been asked 3 times.  Well I hate to say it Mr. Stone, but 3 strikes and your out!

Big Mouth is at it Again

-One of the biggest mouths in sports is at it again.  You better believe that I am referring to Sir Charles Barkley.  One of the NBA’s all time great players.  This time though, Barkley is not talking hoops.  He is discussing the NFL.  Specifically, he is talking about players ripping on Jay Cutler this past Sunday.  Barkley is quoted as saying when referring to the Cutler situation, “I just think its inappropriate.”  Barkley felt that it was unfair how players such as Maurice Jones-Drew maliciously ripped on Cutler via their twitter accounts. Barkley did feel though that Cutler should be criticized for how he acted on the sideline.  He thought that Jay should have been helping the 3rd string rookie QB Hanie get prepared on the sidelines in between possessions.  Cutler should have been his number 1 fan and mentor.  Barkley expected Cutler to act as a role model..

Is this coming from the same guy that was once quoted as saying, “I am not a role model.  I am a professional athlete.”  I am sorry Charles, but put your foot in your mouth.  These statements about Cutler are some of the most hypocritical I have heard in some time.  Barkley was a great player, but sometimes he says some things that are way out of line.

So that is a look into a few of the main headlines of the day.  I also realize that Wes Welker has become apologetic regarding his foot comments directed at Jet’s Coach Rex Ryan.   UConn is having some major issues with athletic donors.  And the tennis continues on Down Under.

Let me hear your thoughts though.  Please comment below with any questions or insights that you may have or shoot me an email at contact@thesportskraze.com.

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportsKraze.



2 responses to ““Food for Thought 1-25-11”

  1. Gooch from The Bronx

    Cashman is obviously looking to be fired. Or, he has lost his mind.

    Mr Stone should not be penalized for wearing a Packers tie. There must be more to this.

    I was glad to see Barkley defend Cutler. Cutler did not deserve the criticizm. No one knows how much you hurt but the person experiencing the pain.

    • Gooch,
      Good to have you back on the blog. Your opinions are valued here. I complete agree with you on the Cashman point.

      As for the Stone story, more information needs to come out on exactly what happened. Not enough concerete facts out yet.

      And as for Barkley, I agree that nobody knows how much Cutler was hurting. But Barkley is by no means the right guy to tell somebody to act as a role model.


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