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“Runzel’s Bear’s Outlook”

Today we have a special treat.  We have added a new writer to TheSportsKraze.  His name is Will Runzel and he is based out of Chicago.  Runzel will be contributing as a guest writer on a weekly basis providing his expertise on the Chicago Area Sporting realm.

Will Runzel is an  entrepreneur and sports guru out of Chicago.  Follow Will on Twitter @WillRunzel

For my first post for TheSportsKraze, I would like to start off on the right foot with my readers. Call your bookie or log onto the internet and bet on the Chicago Bears to beat the Detroit Lions by 4 points or more this Sunday (the spread is -3.5). It is the closest I have seen to a no brainer all year. Yes, I do respect the line makers in Vegas but I do believe they got this one wrong.

According to our Chicago Sports Guru, Will Runzel, Brian Urlacher (pictured above) and the Bears are a sure thing to cover the spread against the Detroit Lions.

1. The Bears confidence is at an all time high after beating Mike Vick’s Eagles last week.
2. Every week Jay Cutler gets more comfortable in Mike Martz’s offense.
3. This will be the Bears fourth straight game with the same five offensive lineman starting (the Bears one weak point is their O-line, the only think that can keep the Bears from beating the point spread is Ndamukong Suh against this below average offensive line).
4. The Lions are starting their third string QB Drew Stanton (former 2nd round pick out of Michigan State)
5. The Lions have lost 17 straight divisional games dating back to October of 2007
Look forward to future contributions from me.

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportsKraze.