“NFL Week 12 Predictions”

It is Thanksgiving time and you all know what that means.  Time to watch gridiron battles, enjoy time with the family, and eat an absurd amount of food.  But the key to that statement is that it is time to watch some football.

Can Lion's star wide receiver, Calvin Johnson (pictured above), help end the Thanksgiving Day tradition of watching the Lions lose?

So the picks are coming out early this week to incorporate the three outstanding Thanksgiving Day Games.  Also due to the Holiday festivities, this version of the NFL picks will be a bit shortened from the normal prediction posts.

The pick’em scoreboard currently reads:

TheSportsKraze:    90                               CV3:  96

Can I finally make up some ground over the Turkey Day Holiday on CV3?

TheSportsKraze Picks:

Patriots at Lions: Patriots by 10

Saints at Cowboys:  Saints by 7

Bengals at Jets:  Jets by 3

Packers at Falcons:  Falcons by 1

Steelers at Bills:  Steelers by 14

Panthers at Browns:  Browns by 6

Jaguars at Giants:  Giants by 7

Vikings at Redskins:  Redskins by 3

Titans at Texans:  Texans by 3

Chiefs at Seahawks:  Chiefs by 3

Dolphins at Raiders:  Dolphins by 3

Rams at Broncos:  Broncos by 3

Eagles at Bears:  Eagles by 3

Buccaneers at Ravens:  Ravens by 10

Chargers at Colts:  Chargers by 1

49ers at Cardinals:  49ers by 6

CV3’s Picks:

Patriots over Lions by 10
Saints over Cowboys by 6
Jets over Bengals by 12 (Sorry Cincy)
Falcons over Packers by 3
Steelers over Bills by 14
Browns over Panthers by 21
Giants over Jaguars by 6
Redskins over VIkings by 12
Texans over Titans by 3
Raiders over Dolphins by 5
Chiefs over Seahawks by 10
Eagles over Bears by 1
Broncos over Rams by 6
Ravens over Bucs by 10
Colts over Chargers by 8
Cards over 49ers by 11

What a slate of games we have this week.  There are a couple of key games to note in the lineup.  One is the matchup in ATL between the 2 best teams in the NFC, the Falcons and Packers.  Can Matt Ryan continue to protect his home turf better than any QB in the League?  Then of course the Michael Vick train heading to the Windy City should be fun.  Can the Bears figure out how to stop the most dangerous player in the League?  Then finally the AFC Showdown between the perennial AFC powers (Colts and Chargers), should be a very fun game to watch.  Will Manning be able to outdo Rivers?

Enjoy the holiday and of course the football.

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportsKraze.



One response to ““NFL Week 12 Predictions”

  1. Still u 6 on you SK…

    Pats, Saints, Jets, Packers, Steelers, Browns, G-Men, Vikes, Titans, Chiefs, Phins, Broncos, Eagles, Ravens, Colts, Cardinals

    6 differences this week.. chance to make up some serious ground TSKN…


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