“NFL Week 8 Predictions”

Look for Peyton Manning (pictured above), to lead the Colts to a major victory on Monday Night Football.

The NFL scampers on to the near halfway point.  So far this year has been crazy, and expect it to get “scary” this weekend on Halloween.  The Cowboys are in dire trouble.  The Vikings are vastly underachieving and marred by Brett Favre issues.  Both teams out of New York are in first place and showing a true “Empire State of Mind.”  Neither of last year’s Super Bowl participants, the Colts nor Saints, are in first place in their divisions. And the injuries are mounting.

In the pick’em challenge, the scoreboard reads as follows:

TheSportsKraze:  59                             CV3:  62

TheSportsKraze Picks:

Dolphins at Bengals:  I cannot pick against the Who Deys at home.  They showed glimmers of life in the 3rd quarter last week.  I cannot see this talented group falling to 2 and 5 against a mediocre Miami team.  Bengals by 3 at home.

Jaguars at Cowboys:  America’s team looks to be a “one man team.”  Outside of Dez Bryant, this team has looked awful.  But for some reason, I am picking them to be able to slow down the Jaguars one-dimensional offense and regain some dignity at home.  Cowboys by 3.

Redskins at Lions:  I will admit that the Skins have thoroughly surprised me this season.  They have played close games pretty much every week, and gutted out 4 wins.  The Lions have lost many close games this year.  Sadly for Detroit, they are going to lose another close one at home by 1 this week.

Bills at Chiefs:  The Bills are the worst team at defending against the run in the NFL and the Chiefs are the best rushing team in the League.  Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones will power the KC boys at home by 10.

Panthers at Rams:  The Panthers gutted one out last week while the Rams lost a heartbreaker.  Look for a reversal of roles this week.  Expect Sam Bradford to put up numbers, as the Rams scrap out a nail biter at home by 3.

Packers at Jets:  My preseason Super Bowl pick right here.  Sadly, injuries have really hurt the Cheeseheads.  Still both teams are definite title contenders.  But look for the Jets overall balance both offensively and defensively to prove too much at home.  Jets by 1 in a wild one.

Broncos at 49ers:  The 49ers are arguably the NFL’s most disappointing team thus far.  The Broncos have also been underachievers.  Look for the 49ers to ride Frank Gore to a victory in front of Big Ben (London) by 6.

Titans at Chargers:    The Chargers have the number 1 ranked offense and number 1 ranked defense in the League! Yet they are 2 and 5. The Titans have been riding Chris Johnson and Kenny Britt offensively to a very strong start.  Look for the Chargers numbers to finally translate into wins.  SD by 3 at home.

Buccaneers at Cardinals:  The Buccaneers feel they are the best team in the NFC.  I am not so sure about that.  Look for the Cardinals to somehow grind out a victory by 7 at home over the supposed “NFC’s Best Team.”

Vikings at Patriots:  Will Brett Favre start?  Who cares!  No matter who the Vikings put under center, the Patriots will prove to be too much.  Moss will be regretting his departure as his “new” team gets spanked by his “old” team.  Pats by 10 at home.

Seahawks at Raiders:  Was that Raider’s performance legitimate last week?  The Raiders are great at pounding the ball on the ground while the Seahawks have been masterful at stopping the run.  Look for Seattle to “Rain” on the Raider’s parade with a 3 point road victory.

Steelers at Saints:  It is no longer last season.  The Saints are struggling offensively.  They hit new lows with a home loss to the lowly Browns last week.  Well things will continue to get worse as the Steeler’s D roughs Drew Brees up in front of a national television audience.  Steelers steal one on the road by 6.

Texans at Colts:  What a matchup this will be.  Definitely the week’s most exciting game.  Two great offenses putting on a show on Monday Night Football.  Do not expect Peyton Manning to lose two times to a divisional opponent.  It just doesn’t happen.  Colts by 3 at home.

CV3 Picks:

Jags over Boys by 10

Skins over Lions by 6

Chiefs over Bills by 14

Rams over Panthers by 7

Jets over Packers by 8

Broncos over 49er’s 10

Chargers over Titans by 3

Raiders over Seahawks by 7

Pats over Vikings by 9

Bucs over Cards by 6

Steelers over Saints by 7

Colts over Texans by 3

Bengals over Phins by 1

Almost halfway through the season with no undefeated teams. There is something to play for every single week. Look for some mid-level teams to try and make a push for the second half of the season this week.

Expect some spooky NFL action this Sunday.  Many teams will be trick or treating while others will be crying.  The wild NFL continues Sunday.

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportsKraze.



2 responses to ““NFL Week 8 Predictions”

  1. TSKN:

    Going into week 8, DC is still 6 up after miraculously forecasting the Raiders W over the Broncos- yeah, no big deal. However, we tied last week, Josh. That has not happened in awhile so I am out for vengeance this week to inflate my lead.

    Miami at Cincinnati: BENGALS
    I am sick and tired of watching this lifeless football team. I really am. However, they are going to wake up and play to their full potential one time this season. Hopefully, it is today. CIN 24, MIA 23

    Jacksonville at Dallas: COWBOYS
    Da Boys have Jon Kitna starting the rest of the season. They will get a glimmer of hope against the horrendous Jags this week. DAL 28, JAX 16

    Washington at Detroit: REDSKINS
    The Skins are rolling. They were my surprise division champion in the preseason and I see them continuing to roll this week over the Lions. WAS 30, DET 21

    Buffalo at Kansas City: CHIEFS
    It took every fiber of my body to not pick the Bills. But, Arrowhead is too much of an advantage to not pick KC. KC 27, BUF 21

    Carolina at St. Louis: PANTHERS
    The Panthers are absolutely horrendous. But, I think Jimmy Clausen will get it together and get a win in St. Louis. Everyone needs to pick some upsets right?

    Green Bay at New York Jets: JETS
    Packers have a couple injuries that are prohibiting them from pulling the upset in the Meadowlands. NYJ 31, GB 20

    Denver at San Francisco:
    Kraze, this game is in LONDON so home field advantage is not a factor. Therefore, I think the Broncos are going to right the ship after getting pounded by the Raiders last week. DEN 28, SF 20

    Tennessee at San Diego: CHARGERS
    My two RB in fantasy football going head-to-head. I don’t care if the game is in sunny San Diego. The Titans are simply a better football team. However, the Chargers are hungry for a W and they really need one against a good Titans team. I think will propels the Chargers to a close victory. SD 23, TEN 20

    Seattle at Oakland: SEAHAWKS
    The Raiders looked flawless at home last week. But, the Seahawks are beginning to turn heads. Seattle gets the Raiders in a hangover game this week and pound the Raiders through the air. SEA 27, OAK 17

    Minnesota at New England: PATRIOTS
    In Foxboro, Randy Moss is going to wish he was still getting passes from Tom Brady. NE 34, MIN 20

    Tampa Bay at Arizona: CARDINALS
    The Cards get a big win in the desert. ARI 28, TB 20

    Pittsburgh at New Orleans: SAINTS
    The Saints have not lived up to expectations this year. It seems like they play up to/down to their competition each week. Well, they get the best in the AFC thus far this week so expect the Saints to show up and get the big victory in front of their home crowd. NO 27, PIT 23

    Houston at Indianapolis: COLTS
    Payback hurts- hard this week. IND 31, HOU 23

    There ya go TSKN. Good luck trying to catch me- sitting at 65 wins throughout the season thus far.

    Can the Bungles get a win?


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